Digital Marketing Agencies are Winning with Remote Employees

80% of digital marketing agencies in US and UK believe remote workers are more productive and nearly 1 in 5 agencies employ only remote workers.

Online PR News – 29-June-2016 – Louisville, KY – A recent study of how small and medium digital marketing agencies by HiveDesk provides insights into how these companies are using remote employees to become more successful. Companies participating in the survey answered a broad range of questions related to their challenges, need for hiring remote employees and best practices to manage them.

Story Highlights:
• Digital marketing agencies are hiring more remote employees to overcome talent crunch
• 20% (nearly 1 in 5) agencies are 100% virtual
• Over 80% of agencies agree that using remote employees improves productivity
• Agencies experience significant savings on office related costs when using remote employees

80% of digital marketing agencies in US and UK believe remote workers are more productive and nearly 1 in 5 agencies employ only remote workers, according to a study published by HiveDesk, a leading task management and time tracking software maker. The study also reveals why an increasing number of digital marketing agencies are hiring remote workers.

HiveDesk founder Vik Chadha says he noticed that a large number of digital marketing companies use the software. This prompted the company to find out why they were using the software and how HiveDesk could better meet their needs.

Most agencies start hiring remote workers to overcome shortage of talent in their local market. But they quickly realize that it gives them the option to hire the best person for the job. Almost every respondent in the survey ranked it as the top reason for hiring remote employees.

Other major benefits include productivity gains and savings on office related costs. Almost 80% of respondents say remote employees are more productive, a finding in line with and Gallup surveys.

For small and midsized agencies, office related costs can be substantial. By hiring remote employees, companies are able to save on those costs. Savings are more pronounced in metro regions with high real estate costs.

The survey also shows that digital marketing agencies are becoming more tech savvy in managing their employees. In addition to using task and time tracking tools such as HiveDesk, they also use Skype, HipChat and Slack for real time communication. In fact, these tools are critical in the companies’ ability to effectively manage their remote employees.

Communicating with remote workers and managing their task are cited as main challenges in managing remote workers. A tool like HiveDesk, with the ability to track hours worked and capture screen shots of employee’s computers, provides the required transparency and accountability.

The survey also identified five keys to effectively managing remote employees:
1. Hire the right people
2. Define work clearly
3. Track & monitor tasks
4. Communicate frequently
5. Measure and compare output

View full analysis and accompanying infographics on 5 keys to effectively manage remote employees.

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