World’s first online employment verification platform launched: Employment verifications automated

Eliminating the need to verify work history of potential employees manually, an automated platform is launched to bring revolution in the HR industry.

Online PR News – 27-June-2016 – Mohali / Punjab – Mohali based tech startup launched world’s first automated employment verification platform under the name Its founders Vikram R Singh and Prabhjit Gill told the media that a huge void exists in recruitment industry as there is no online mechanism through which employers can verify employment history of their prospective employees.

To date, organizations have to rely on third party agencies to perform background checks on potential employees, or in other cases, their HR Managers perform the process manually, which requires both time and money. Delayed screening results from third party agencies often obstruct employers from making timely hiring decisions. But with the launch of an automated tool, employers would now be empowered to themselves run background checks on their applicants without any hassle and make right hiring decisions, while saving huge time and money.

With over 20% resumes containing fake information, according to a report published by Economic Times, background checks make an inevitable need for all organizations, whether big or small. A large number of companies claim of losing large money due to mis-hire. “Being an entrepreneur myself, I am well aware of the expenses involved in the hiring process. Advertising costs, training costs, workplace integration costs- companies incur all these expenses, and more, while hiring an employee. A single wrong hiring can cost big for all companies, regardless of their size. Having personally faced that financial loss a couple of times, I was very clear that I did not want to lose money to wrong hiring anymore”, says Vikram R. Singh. “The thought was clear- to automate and ease background checks on potential employees, both full time and those serving on temporary basis”, he adds further.

"We did not want to pass any kind of judgment on any employee and ensured that our solution adheres to EEOC and FCRA laws. Our focus was to help companies make better hiring decisions and simplify tedious, time-consuming applicant screening process by offering innovative and easy-to-use online platform”. Adding further, Vikram R. Singh said, “We incorporated only factual information to conduct online employment verification, including name of past organization, salary, status of exit formalities and notice period to ensure that the information is used for right purpose only. All the data input by companies and employees will stay private.”

The platform aims to tap huge industry segment across diverse verticals including IT, BPO, Insurance, Banking, Automobiles and Pharma. If used to its maximum potential, the day is not far when this brand will change the face of HR industry.

About the company

Founded by Vikram R Singh and Prabhjit Gill, Verified Resources is a tech startup that vows to fill the void in the HR industry by offering an online solution to verify past employment records. The extremely focused and talented team pledges to stay abreast with the latest technology and looks for opportunities to synchronize them to solve real life problems faced by both common people and corporate industry.