Tony Tata Receives Prestigious NATO Medal

For his valiant efforts in the military, Tony Tata received the esteemed NATO Medal.

Online PR News – 27-June-2016 – NC – Being awarded by the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the NATO Medal is a prestigious international military declaration for soldiers who participated in certain missions. This specific award can be granted to military and civilian members of the Armed Forces of the United States, provided that they had participated in certain NATO missions. There are currently 10 approved missions that can qualify members of the military for the award, but there are other eligibility rules to consider as well.

The NATO Medal has been approved for American military personnel, or more precisely members who have served under NATO command during these specific missions. The missions that make American soldiers eligible include some of the most dangerous operations from the last more than 20 years including but not limited to operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkans, including certain missions in former Yugoslavia, and also Kosovo.

The medal is usually given by the Allied Command Europe who has command over certain American military units that participated in NATO missions. The medal itself now has the same precedence as the United Nations Medal. The medal comes in a set which also includes a ribbon with the name of the mission or missions the recipient had participated in.

The United States service members are allowed to retain the clasp that comes with the ribbon, but they are not encouraged to wear it. This does not apply to the basic NATO medal which can be worn under certain circumstances. When it comes to the changes in the eligibility of the members of the United State Forces, everything remains the same regarding the Non-Article 5 Medals that were presented for missions in the Balkans, provided that the mission lasted at least 30 days (mission days can be added together).

Starting with 2012, NATO medals can be awarded based on missions in Libya and Africa. Tony Tata is extremely honored to receive this prestigious international military award, showing gratitude towards not just the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but naturally the United States Military as well.

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