Priyanka Chopra splashed once again on Maxim Cover-Page

Priyanka Chopra is announced as the International icon of India.

Online PR News – 27-June-2016 – Pune – Priyanka Chopra is announced as the International icon of India. Her epic acts attracted billions of fans and ruled their hearts. No doubt! Priyanka Chopra has epic sense in her acts and her every act defines a unique act.

Anyways, let the truth be told, PC is one of most stunning and bold actress in the entire Bollywood industry and has played many bold and intimate scenes in many Bollywood movies, which, no doubts, blown away everyone's mind.

Recently, the Bold actress PC was splashed on the cover page of Maxim flaunting her well conditioned curvaceous body in an extremely hot black outfit. The photo on the cover page of Maxim bowled over all sexiest curves of astonishing PC.

Priyanka has revealed her destructive curves a few times in a two-piece and that is the thing that she did when she turned model for Maxim magazine as well.

Be that as it may, this isn't the first time, PC goes wild. The Fashion Lady has posed for numerous hottest poses in the entire career with consistent enthusiasm.

PC is getting ready for her new season of Quantico. The first season of Quantico ended long back, which revealed all wildness off the lady which was her debut in Hollywood film Industry.

In the first season, the Wildness Queen was seen in hottest outfits exposing her provocative curves and astonishingly hot figure.

Steamy intimate scenes added spices to the act and the performing actress was praised for her acts all over. Due to applaud received in excess, the actress is continuing on her journey.

Now only time tells, what outcomes in the next season of Quantico. It is being heard from Directors of Quantico that the next outcome of Quantico – brings even more thrilling Scenes, suspicious acts, hot and intimate moments.

We wish PC a 'Good Luck' for her acts and wish acts be blessed by millions of applauds world-wide!

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