Former SNL Star Victoria Jackson To Star in New Show

A new semi-scripted Reality Show starring former SNL star Victoria Jackson. Who's Victoria Jackson follows her quest to reinvent herself in Music City.

Online PR News – 27-June-2016 – Nashville Tennessee – Former SNL Star Victoria Jackson To Star in New Show

Chip Rossetti
Rossetti Productions

Rossetti Productions and Victoria Jackson are excited to announce “Who’s Victoria Jackson?” - a new semi-scripted reality show that follows Victoria’s quest to reclaim her place in the entertainment industry by forming a band and performing her original ukulele songs at the Grand Ole Opry.

Lorne Michaels had never seen anything like her. A high voiced, ukulele playing blonde bombshell, that had made her mark on society by doing handstands. So in 1986, Victoria Jackson joined the cast of Saturday Night live and began a six year stretch of comedic excellence that has yet to be paralleled; along side a cast that included Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Kevin Nealon, Chris Farley and Mike Meyers.

Her star continued to shine as she made her way into the movie world with roles in Baby Boom, Dream A Little Dream, Family Business, I Love You to Death, UHF and dozens more. She had the chance to work along side Dustin Hoffman, Sean Connery, Matthew Broderick, “Weird” Al Yankovic, Joe Pesci, Corey Feldman, Diane Keaton, Lea Thompson, Dan Ackroyd, Kevin Kline, Jason Robards and more. Victoria had cemented her place in pop culture.

But even the firmest cement can crack and soon Victoria found herself on the outside of show business looking in.

But now, nearly 25 years from her last SNL appearance, Victoria Jackson is trying to reclaim her rightful place in pop culture. A little older, a little wiser and a little balder, Victoria is on a mission to answer the question “Who’s Victoria Jackson?”.

"I'm a singer. The only problem is I have a bad voice. But, it never stopped Bob Dylan.” Victoria said.

Moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2013, Victoria is now a breast cancer survivor, a grandmother, mother, wife, ex-political activist, comedian and actress, but she has never forgotten her biggest dream - to be the next Minnie Pearl and bring her original ukulele songs to the Grand Ole Opry stage. And so the quest begins.

She will put together a band in Music City, hitting the stage in clubs all over town to prove herself worthy of being the next Minnie Pearl. On stages like the BlueBird Cafe, Kimbros Cafe, Zanies Comedy Club and more, Victoria puts herself out there like never before. Sometimes, her retired cop husband, Paul accompanies her on the piano. Sometimes she fires him because of his attitude.

"People have been asking me for years to become a singing sensation in Music City, so I finally dragged myself out of the gym, the marriage therapy office and the Breast Cancer Clinic to put myself out there again, for the fans, for the fans,” Jackson explains. “There is one voice missing in Nashville, mine! We've got Elvis, Dolly, Miranda, and Underwood, but up until one to fill the shoes of the great Minnie Pearl! I will leave retirement, with all of its perks and pluses, to once again hit the pavement with my ukulele and my love for humanity, to join the birds in celebrating life in song!"

“We are very excited to work with Victoria on this project," Rossetti Productions founder Chip Rossetti said. “We have worked with her in movies, and now we have a chance to bring her unique spirit to the masses with this program. There are few people in the world like Victoria, and the world is going to love getting a look into her life.”

"I'm ready to hit the big time again, after completing my parental duties, the final season of Downton Abbey, chemo, radiation and a long dip in the pool," Jackson continued.

Victoria Jackson has been a performer and comedian all her life. With nearly 70 movie and television credits to her name, her life is an ever changing comedic experience. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she has been outspoken about her cancer, as well as her treatment that has temporarily taken away her signature blonde locks and forced her to wear dozens of flamboyant and colorful wigs. But even cancer hasn’t slowed her down. She does movies, stand up comedy, Tea Parties, attends church, 'small group' and Community Bible study, and still finds time to dote on her children and grandchildren.

"My muscular, OCD, retired-SWAT-police-helicopter-pilot husband is a challenge, but we are approaching our 24th wedding anniversary, so we must be doing something right,” Jackson said.

Chip Rossetti is an experienced filmmaker with 19 feature films to his credit. He has written over 30 scripts for feature films, all in the Christian, Faith Based and Family genres. His company, Rossetti Productions, has become one of the most influential Faith Based feature film production companies in the world.

“This show is going to be very different then most reality shows," Rossetti said. “The audience is going to see Victoria attack real life situations, but from a Christian world view. The show will have a number of recognizable regulars like Ray Stevens who recorded Victoria's "When I Get to Nashville" in his studio on Music Row, after they worked together on the movie, "Campin' Buddies". Also joining Victoria is Jimmy Labriola (Home Improvement) who smokes cigars with Vicki's husband Paul. Victoria will harmonize with Johnny Crawford and his 1929 Orchestra when he's in town. Crawford discovered Victoria in Birmingham doing summer stock in 1980 and he gave her a one way ticket to Hollywood to be in his nightclub act. They are still friends. It's really going to be fun.”

“Who's Victoria Jackson?” will go into production of the pilot episode in August of 2016. Rossetti Productions is prepared to target several networks, cable channels and online outlets with the project.