10 Second Concussion Test Now Available

There is now a quick and easy test for concussions

Online PR News – 25-June-2016 – Wichita, Ks – PRESS RELEASE
Contact: Chris Fleming ATC, EMT, ITAT
June 23, 2016
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10 Second Concussion Test Now Available in Wichita, Kansas
Wichita, Ks - The critically acclaimed film Concussion has brought the subject of concussion
into a new light for athletes across the United States. In the film, Will Smith portrays a
forensic pathologist who discovers a form of brain damage in football players known as CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).
Concussions are currently unable to be diagnosed with tests such as MRI and CT scan, but a new, state of the art concussion test is now available in Wichita, Kansas at Bodyworx Physical Therapy and Concussion Center, one of only 20 clinics in the world using this innovative technology.
The 10 Second Concussion Test uses a high speed camera and cutting edge eye tracking technology to track clients’ eye movements while following a moving object on an iPad. The test then compares the clients’ ability to follow the object to established research norms, giving a score as normal or abnormal.
The science behind the 10 Second Concussion Test offers the fastest, most accurate, versatile, and cost-efficient concussion testing solution to date. This precision eye tracking equipment evaluates what neurophysiologists call "smooth pursuit".
“We are always looking for the newest technologies to add to our concussion testing regimen,” says Chris Fleming, athletic trainer and director of the Bodyworx Physical Therapy Concussion Center. “By adding the 10 Second Concussion Test to our existing protocol of vestibular balance testing and the cognitive testing portion of a concussion evaluation, it gives us the most accurate picture possible of how the clients’ brain is responding and functioning. What is special about this test is that we can perform it in the pre-season, and if an athlete should happen to suffer a head injury, we can compare the post injury results to the pre-injury test.”
Multiple scientific research studies have shown that suffering multiple concussions can have a compounding effect. A study appearing in the American Journal of Sports Medicine titled "Concussion symptoms and neurocognitive performance of high school and college athletes who incur multiple concussions" drew a connection between multiple concussions and prolonged symptoms, recovery time, and risk for future concussions.
Bodyworx Physical Therapy is on the cutting edge of concussion treatment in Kansas by offering Baseline Pre-Injury Concussion Testing, as well as Post Concussion Neurocognitive Testing and Rehabilitation. This is the same testing used by the NFL, MLB, MLS, and many other college and professional sports teams.

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