Overlords of War is coming! Alpha Test is coming today!

Alpha test will last for 10 days and will be closed on Monday July 4, 2016 at 0:00 am(CDT).

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – New York – We're really excited to kick off the Overlords of War Alpha Test on Friday Jun 24, 2016 at 8:00 am(CDT)!
Alpha test will last for 10 days and will be closed on Monday July 4, 2016 at 0:00 am(CDT). Please note that after the AT ends, all data on the AT server will be cleared. Play Overlords of War at http://overlords.joywar.com

Overlords of War is a SLG Browser War Game. In the world filled with western mythology, players will enter the game as an almighty creator, leading the heroes and mankind to develop a whole new civilization!

Alpha Test benefits:

1. Creators who login game daily can claim corresponding diamonds as rewards; 3000 diamonds for 1st day login, 2000 diamonds for 2nd day login, 1000 diamonds for each of the following days.
2. Creators who login game can become VIP instantly. VIP3 for 1st day login, VIP4 for 2nd day login and VIP5 for 3rd day, VIP5 is the max VIP Level during AT period.
3. Bug reports will be rewarded, please find more information at the link below.
4. Creators who login game daily can claim corresponding rewards everyday. Logging in for 7 days continuously can get rewards worth for 3000 diamonds.
5. Creators can claim online rewards according to your online time. Creators in Alpha Test will enjoy extra benefits in Closed Beta Test.

Home Base Development:
1. Players can move around the placement of constructions at Home Base accordingly. Your base, your call!
2. Surrounding the base, there are areas for collecting Lumber, Gold and Grains.
3. There is an area for collecting Ores, so called Sky Tribe. You can overtake the Sky Tribe and obtain Ores from their Ore Mines.

PVP Gameplay:
1.In World Map, there are a lot of strongholds for you to overtake. Available for 24 hours!
2.There are Faction Battle and Region Battle during event time, Group VS Group, come and conquer!
3.PVP Arena is where players can challenge other players. Players can search for players here and plunder through PVP. With higher rank, players can obtain abundant rewards. Fight for resources and glory!

PVE Gameplay:
1.Instances: Classical instances which can unlock certain gameplay.
2.Celestial Challenge: Players can challenge the Deity in different forms to obtain Hero Stones.
3.Trial of Heroes: Players can challenge different heroes here and collect the corresponding souls for heroes.
4.Infinite Domain: In the realm of God, the challenge is infinite, let’s challenge till the end!

Game Features:
1.World Boss: An event with both PVP and PVE gameplay. The World Boss is from the evil legion, in order to protect this world, players will act like hunters to hunt down the evils. But to obtain the best rewards, players will also have to face challenge from other players.
2.Combat Mode: In Overlords of War, it’s RT battle. Each squad is an individual unit in battle, different units will restrain one another and Heroes have their own skills too. Even a smallest unit at battlefield can change the tide of battle.
3.Rally: Deployment is vital at battlefield. Players should adjust the position of Heroes at Rally to fight against different enemies.
4.Civilization Level: In Overlords of War, players can upgrade the civilization to next level in order to unlock more gameplay.
5.With higher level of Civilization, the appearance of constructions at Home Base will change according to Civilization Level, as you’re the creator!
6.Resources Exploitation: After each evolution of Civilization Level, [Statue] God of Creation will be awaken and help to open up new lands for 3 resources!
7.Once the resources constructions like Lumber Mill, Gold Mines and Farms are built, the workers will be running around to work for you. Such a vivid animation!
Friends Interaction: Interaction system between friends allows you to visit your friends’ base, conversely, your friends can visit your base too. Your unique home base will be a great showcase for your friends. This is a different feature comparing to traditional SLG game in interaction system.

During your game play, if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our support email is oow_support@joywar.com
Our Fanpage is https://www.facebook.com/OverlordsofWar1/
Overlords of War:http://overlords.joywar.com/
Thanks for all your support. See you there!