Author releases new romance novel \"Finding Your Zenith\" in hopes of increasing awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – Kernersville, North Carolina – Kernersville, NC, June 23, 2016– Imagine a world free from headlines such as “Woman Raped on the Subway, news at 11” or “Child Brutally Beaten to Death by Father.” That might be a lofty goal, but author Eliza Payne believes that every dream begins somewhere. Her dream started with the idea for “Finding Your Zenith” and the notion that a person can overcome being a victim and rise above their pain to find their innermost self, that highest place of being. Perhaps this genuine optimism is what suits Eliza to writing romance novels. Her debut book, “Finding Your Zenith”, is set to release to Amazon Kindle on June 24, 2016. At the heart of her novel is the story of two very unlikely people finding common ground in their troubled pasts and finding love in the midst of chaos. It’s a story of romantic and familial bonds, of healing troubled and traumatic pasts, and of the quest for that zenith within oneself. Freedom from Violence is a campaign to enhance awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault. It will run July 1 through July 10 and a portion of the proceeds from this promotional period will be donated to benefit victims of these horrendous crimes. “The theme of this book is about finding one’s true soulmate, but the fiber of the story was written in tribute to all the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. For all the ones for whom it was too late to save, the ones like me who got away and the ones who are still living under that horrible oppression, this book is a testament that hope can prevail and that there is life after trauma. Even love.” It is Eliza’s hope that through her book, others like her and the heroes and heroines of this story can find life and love after trauma and know that they are not alone in their pain. The Freedom from Violence campaign will host a virtual book launch party, and the proceeds will go to benefit and in equal amounts. Readers and potential buyers of the book will be encouraged to share the campaign on social media in exchange for a daily raffle drawing. Prizes will include free copies of the book and song downloads from various artists that the author has found inspirational to her writing and her stand against violence. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Eliza Payne at or visit her online at, where an excerpt of her novel is available.