EasiSpread - Instant Heated Butter Knife Launching On Kickstarter (July 2016)

The Worlds FIRST Instant Heated Butter Knife is Launching on KICKSTARTER next Friday July 1st 2016.

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – London – Most regular butter eaters can agree that the daily frustration of wanting to spread cold butter from the fridge straight on to bread or toast, is generally a failed experience.
Many have been there, either waiting for the butter to soften, running the butter knife under hot water, keeping the knife over the toaster\cooker or leaving the butter out in a butter dish for it to reach room temperature. Some even switch to unhealthy processed spreadable margarine.
In today’s fast paced society we no longer have time to really think about what we eat and go for whatever is quickest and readily available, at a compromise on both taste and health. AGI have now responded to this by creating the heated butter knife.
At the touch of a button, the International Patent’s pending Heated Butter Knife, Heats up within 5 seconds, to allow the consumer to spread cold butter onto bread without tearing it or clumping the butter. The EasiSpread Knife heats up to 35 Degrees Celsius (95 Degrees Fahrenheit), maintaining that temperature for 80 seconds, before Switching itself off and therefore saving battery life.
The Knife blade is also detachable, to allow for easy cleaning in the sink, as well as it being dishwasher safe. The handle itself has rechargeable batteries and comes with its own docking station which can sit on your kitchen worktop.
Another benefit of having a detachable blade and rechargeable handle is the added feature of attaching The Heated Ice Cream Scoop. If you have purchased the EasiSpread Knife, you do not have to purchase the whole EasiScoop Unit with handle and dock, you can simply buy the Heated Ice Cream Scoop attachment.
Scooping ice cream out of a tub is no easy task; therefore the EasiScoop Heated Ice Cream Scoop will allow you to scoop out the toughest of ice creams with minimal effort.
‘Why Butter?’
When it comes to just flavour, rich and creamy organic butter wins every time, and because it’s full fat, it is more satisfying, filling us up for longer. Butter is also one of the best dietary sources of Vitamin A and also contains Vitamins D, E, and K, along with it being a rich source of selenium. Margarine on the other hand contains preservatives, colourings and additives which are all non-organic. Margarine has also been perceived as the ‘Healthier’ option but that in recent research has proven to be complete false and can prove to be detrimental to your health.

‘Where do I buy the EasiSpread Heated Knife from?’
EasiSpread will be available for Pre-Order on Kickstarter from the 1st of July 2016; purchasing on Kickstarter will mean that you will be able to purchase and receive the knife before it is released to the general public and at a discounted rate. The Campaign will be broken in to the following offers:
• Super Early Bird Special - £15.00 (US $21.40) – Limited to 300 Units
• 2nd Chance Early Bird - £17.00 (US $24.25) – Limited to 250 Units
• Last Chance Early Bird - £18.00 (US $25.70) – Limited to 200 Units
• EasiSpread Knife + Dock - £20.00 (US $28.50) – Comes with ONE 20% off EasiScoop Voucher
• 2 x EasiSpread Knife + Dock - £34.00 (US $48.50) – Comes with TWO 15% off EasiScoop Vouchers
• 2 x EasiSpread Knife + Dock - £38.00 (US $54.20) – Comes with TWO 20% off EasiScoop Vouchers
Editor’s notes
EasiSpread were the finalists of the British Inventor’s Project competition and were selected as the top 20 out of hundreds of entrants to appear at the Gadget Show Live 2015 at the NEC in Birmingham, England, UK.
EasiSpread is the first of many products which AGI intend to launch in the future and will feature under the EasiChef Product Range, which will include EasiScoop the Heated Ice Cream Scoop.
The Intended Launch Date for the EasiScoop Heated Ice Cream Scoop will be Summer 2017.
EasiSpread is developed by AGI Solutions, which consists of three best friends, each with their own unique skillset. They will be developing many more innovative technological improvements on everyday items.
Imtyaz Ali – Sales and Marketing Director