Tailor4Less Introduces the Future of Online Fashion Retailing

Tailor4Less has developed a new virtual clothing configurator that may change the way people shop for clothing forever.

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – Zurich, Switzerland - June 23, 2016 – Tailor4Less, an online made-to-measure clothing company, has launched a new virtual configurator for customizing the design of one´s desired apparel that is bound to spark duplication in the coming years.

After the initial reveal and utilization of this technology for shirts last March, the company decided to apply the technology to their other products. “The configurator is entitled ´The Fitting Room Experience´, intending to resemble the sensation of in-store shopping, at the convenience of one's own home.” said Alberto Gil Martin del Prado, Tailor4Less´ Chief Marketing Officer. The online designer allows the user to choose from an array of options to design their customized attire, and to gain an idea of the how it would appear, as one would when trying on clothing in an actual fitting room. In real time, the configurator displays an image of the article of clothing with the desired customizable options applied. Since the clothing is made to measure, the client doesn't spend time finding the size that fits. The potential customer merely receives a visualization of their customized design. Aside from the advantage of having the ability to try on clothing and seeing how it looks, physical stores also provide the opportunity to view the clothing in various forms. In addition to the standard model view, the ´Fitting Room Experience´ includes views of the clothing without a model and in folded form. “The technology was designed to enhance the shopping experience of clients and to clearly demonstrate a visualization of the product, while making it more user-friendly in the process.” said Prado. The new shirt designer can be used on any device, and at any location.

May this be the beginning of a new wave of technology in the fashion industry? May it be the beginning of the end for in-store fashion retail? This technology is not only the first of its kind, but may be considered as the future of online fashion retail. In the United States, the current online apparel and accessory revenue only accounts for around 17% of the total revenue in the industry. A reason why in-store fashion retail still makes up the majority of industry revenue may be that there are many existing tangible benefits to shopping in stores that online retailers lack. However, with online apparel and accessory revenue expected to rise by around 57% over the course of the next four years, consumers’ growing desire for convenience, and new technologies present like those of Tailor4Less, within the next decade there is likely to be a dynamic shift in the way consumers shop for clothing.

Tailor4Less continues to pursue new technological breakthroughs in hopes to lead the industry. In the near future visual search technology will be available, allowing customers to extract an outfit from any image and design it using the new configurator. Additionally, the company is entertaining the possibility of utilizing artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies, as well as offering 360-degree views of their products.

About Tailor4less:
Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Tailor4less' products are sold globally online. Office locations include Barcelona, Shanghai, and Zürich. With more than 150,000 customers, Tailor4Less has created an intelligent system that automatically calculates one´s body measurements based on their height, weight, and general body shape. The brand offers more than 100,000 possible combinations with guaranteed delivery within two weeks of a purchase. The company's slogan is affordable elegance, signifying their commitment to providing stylish tailored clothing at low prices.

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