Greyzdorf & Marketplace Creates The 1st Ever SFR Portfolio Trade-In Program

Trade-In Program Introduction

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – Phoenix, Arizona – Greyzdorf LLC and Marketplace Homes has created the first ever single-family rental trade-in program for portfolio sellers. If you are an investor selling a portfolio valued at $2M or more, you can now trade that portfolio in for a portfolio of new construction with residents. Marketplace Homes will purchase and manage the traded in portfolio, and Greyzdorf will build the new single-family homes in six months. The house minimum value should be $100,000.

The portfolio trade-in program is nationwide even though the turnkey new construction is only in Georgia.

Philip Forsyth, Marketing Dir. of Greyzdorf says, “A lot of investors have had difficulty selling their single-family rental portfolios due to them being older “B” and “C” class. Now investors have the opportunity to trade that portfolio in for a new turnkey construction rental single-family “A” class portfolio whereby they can gain liquidity quicker if they so desire."

Greyzdorf Guarantees:

• A 30-day trade on new inventory or single-family construction completed in six months.
• One year’s builder warranty.
• New resident upon completion.

Marketplace Homes Guarantees:

• Guaranteed rent for up to six years.
• If the resident doesn’t complete the full lease term; Marketplace will refill the home for free.
• Cover legal and court costs.

SFR Portfolio Trade-In Program:

• Marketplace provides the seller with a purchase price.
• The seller simply signs a Greyzdorf agreement to sell and buy.

In about 14 days, close on the portfolio, and have a check for your new construction portfolio.

Marketplace Homes:

Marketplace Homes are a Detroit-based brokerage that specializes in new construction sales and property management. Marketplace has sold more than $1.5 billion in new construction homes, gained a controlling interest in over 2,000 single-family properties, and been a four-time Inc. 5000 list awardee.

Greyzdorf LLC:

Greyzdorf is a new-generation home builder focused on the design, construction, leasing and sale of an innovative and consumer-driven home in major metropolitan areas within select growth markets in Georgia.


To trade-in your portfolio, please visit our website to send in your rent roll. It takes about 30 seconds to see if your portfolio qualifies and find out what your portfolio is worth.

SOURCE: Greyzdorf LLC