Ecosmob Announced To Offer IPTV Solutions And Services

Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer application, middleware, software, game development and many other services related for IPTV.

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – Ahmedabad / Gujarat – Ecosmob Technologies is one of the leading IT companies from India. The company has its operational office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has been catering its clients for more than 7 years with different IT technologies. The company has also been on its forefront to adopt new technologies and tools to cater their clients with the highly advanced solutions and services. Recently, the representative of the Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer IP TV solutions and services to its global clients.

“The entertainment industry is moving fast. In earlier days, people had only a few selective options for entertainment, but now you can say there are so many diversified entertainment options available. If we pick a few examples, then it contains television, online or offline video games, movies, music, online streaming videos, radio, so on and so forth. Sometimes these many options of entertainment would overwhelm the consumer. Sometimes, they need to switch from one medium of entertainment to another. For example, right now you are watching a television series and after that you want to watch a YouTube video. In this case you might need to switch from television to your system. The IPTV is the solution here. You may access all available entertainment mediums over a single platform. You don't need to switch anything. To be specific, you can access your television, internet, different multiplayer and  simple games, radio, et cetera on your television set. This is how IPTV works.”, shared the representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

The Ecosmob Technologies has developed live streaming TV solution for its client in the past and they have also offered the support services to keep the live streaming TV up and  running. The development team at Ecosmob Technologies has the enough skills to develop any type of IPTV related solution. The representative of the company has announced following key services for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television):

- Constancy for IPTV project
- IPTV Application Integration
- IPTV Software Development
- IP TV Application Development
- IPTV Middleware Development
- IP TV Game Development
- Maintenance
- Support

The IPTV application can enable you to offer the best entertainment experience for your consumers. You can offer them many features such as,

- Record their favorite shows
- Auto recording of TV shows during power cut
- Multiplayer gaming experience
- Rewind, pause and play the live shows while watching
- Demand movies as and when they want to watch
- And many more

The company has added a new webpage to showcase their IPTV related services on their website. The webpage is accessible from following URL