A New Restaurant Opens at Sandbox, Alviera – El Pedro Cubanos

SandBox, an adventure land within Alviera township development in Porac, Pampanga, recently welcomes an additional in-premise diner – El Pedro Cubanos.

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – Pampanga, Philippines – Online PR News – 22-June-2016 – Pampanga, Philippines – Although it is in its infancy, the dining place is all the rave right now in Pampanga. The Cuban restaurant opens on June 18, 2016.

El Pedro Cubanos mainly offers Cuban sandwiches, pizza, arroz con lechon, and tamales. It also offers mariquitas (chips with salsa), tucca frita (cassava fries with salsa) and empanadas. The sandwiches come with chips if you want for an additional amount. However, its four cheese pizza is currently its best-seller. Another must-taste is the El Pedro 90 Miles, the rolled pizza with beef, chicken, pork, double cheese, pickles, mustard, and sour cream. Unsurprisingly, the double cheese is a staple in most of the items in the menu. The diner also has this special sauce that makes your sandwiches and pizzas more delectable.

Cuban cuisine is very similar to the Filipino cuisine; perhaps, because of the Spanish roots of the former. Cuban foods are filling hands-down because of the generous amount of spices, making it perfect when paired with rice. And, we all know Filipinos can eat anything with rice. Hence, there are no other restaurants in the area that comes close to authentic Cuban taste than El Pedro Cubano. Even if you've never tasted a Cuban sandwich before, for instance, you'd know what makes El Pedro Cubanos different.

What's more, the dishes are prepared by the owner himself, Chef Pedro. He is a Havana-born chef who planned on operating food trucks in the country. At a tender age, Chef Pedro showed genuine interest in culinary when his family moved to Europe. He has a Masters Degree in culinary that he obtained from one of the premiere schools in Madrid. The menu is actually the food he cooks and eats at home.

Before Chef Pedro opened his own restaurant, he was a chef at C Italian. When it closed down due to a fire, he moved to Clark and worked for Tapas. He got tired of working for others, so he decided it's high time to operate his own restaurant business. He opened his first El Pedro Cubanos in Nepa Quad, Angeles City in October 2015.

Although El Pedro Cubanos positions itself as a takeout restaurant, it also features an al fresco dining area, an ideal feature for the patrons of SandBox. People go to SandBox for the experience, part of which is enjoying the picturesque views of nature while dining. SandBox is mainly an outdoor adventure area with mountain range and surrounding wide plains as its backdrop. In fact, all the activities are done under the sun literally.

At SandBox, the dining area is near the ticket booth where one can buy snacks, shakes, and drinks. But if you are the tired of the usual snacks you can eat elsewhere, it would not hurt to try something new. El Pedro Cubanos will definitely change how the frequenters will eat and drink after a tiring time trying all the activities that SandBox offers at present.

For more information visit: http://www.alviera.ph/pampanga-food-trip/