Evolution Host are now offering SSD VPS Hosting with DDoS Protection

SSD VPS Hosting is yet another service in the Evolution Host arsenal. Their VPS hosting includes specialized DDoS protection that mitigates layer 7 attacks.

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – London, UK – Evolution Host are at it again. This time bringing their Solid State Drive (SSD) VPS Hosting to the marketplace. Not only does this product ensure unbeatable read and write speeds for all I/O tasks, but also ensures that websites, game servers and applications stay protected with their industry leading Anti DDoS Mitigation technology which is included for free by default.

With the ever increasing denial of service attack threat, it is important to ensure that all applications are suitably protected. Let's face it, for any popular site, DDoS Attacks are imminent. Evolution Host have taken measures to ensure that business is not lost due to any malicious denial of service attempt. TeamSpeak servers and game servers are especially vulnerable targets which is why Evolution Host have taken great care to meticulously craft specialized protection to ensure that layer 7 attacks targeting these services are mitigated successfully.

SSDs boast significantly higher performance when compared to traditional mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs). If speed is not a priority, HDD VPS still suit their purpose very well. However, to ensure the hardware available is fully utilized to it's potential, SSD's are essential for optimal computing power. Without any moving parts, SSDs are also more reliable and efficient with a longer life-span than mechanical hard disk drives.

For website owners who are looking for an unbeatable hosting solution that offers greater control over their hosting environment, Evolution Host's virtual server hosting is built to deliver the easiest hosting experience possible at outstanding prices.

Evolution Host have been providing quality service hosting since 2012. With an array of additional services at their disposal including IRCd and game server hosting, Evolution Host have secured their position in the hosting industry. They vow to continue to Invent The Future by bringing hosting to the next evolutionary stage through innovative technology advancements at the pinnacle of the hosting game.