Omnilid Redesigns Disposable Lids and Begins A New Era for Takeaway Drinks

Redesigning the disposable lid for on-the-go consumption using recycled/recyclable material and packaging premium drinks using its patent pending features.

Online PR News – 22-June-2016 – London, United Kingdom – The design and material for the disposable lid for takeaway hot beverages has been stuck in time since its inception in the 1960s. Whilst the ‘traditional’ lid has served a purpose, modern demands have raised significant concerns – the drinking surfaces are exposed to dust, dirty hands and other foreign objects, and the materials are generally not recycled. Media are awash with scares about problems with takeaway packaging and numerous takeaway drinks are caned for being unhealthy due to unreasonable sugar levels. To cap it (pun intended), the lid isn’t very efficient in the delivery of drinks as it is simply a lid.

Launched in May 2016 at the BBC Good Food Show at London Excel, Omnilid solves the problem of inefficient and unhygienic lids that are terrible for the environment, whilst Omnimatcha brings healthy options to hot takeaway drinks.

Omnilid’s innovative and patent-pending re-design for takeaway drinks updates the basic value of the ‘traditional’ takeaway lid by creating a container within the lid which is sealed using an aluminium foil. Omnilid is made from recycled and recyclable material and protects the drinking hole and content from external contact, whether a server’s hand or general dust and dirt. And, there’s an integral stirrer.

And there’s more; an associated brand – Omnimatcha – introduces matcha on-the-go wherever you are. Matcha is a green tea which is powdered as opposed to an infusion of green tea leaves – meaning you ingest the whole leaf. Not only does it taste good but is also a lot healthier than normal green tea, containing 137 times more anti-oxidants and doesn’t have the same old crash after caffeine consumption like other caffeine drinks. Omnimatcha currently has two products -

• Omnimatcha Latte (a delicious blend of matcha, natural pectin and organic sugar).
• Omnimatcha Pure (100% top-grade matcha).

Though the complex production process for matcha makes it more expensive than normal tea, Omnilid’s functionality can make it accessible and affordable to anyone.

As packaging, Omnilid offers significant growth potential. Looking ahead, the plan is to incorporate different contents from other hot drinks like premium tea, coffee and hot chocolate to edible treats such as macarons, biscuits and chocolates to make your current coffee a cafe gourmand.

With Omnilid and Omnimatcha, takeaway drinks packaging and content has been redefined and brought bang in-line with what smart, health-conscious and time-short drinkers really want. And, in line with what cost and consumer conscious retailers are looking for to meet consumer preferences. When you’re looking to drink or serve the most up-to-date content and packaging of takeaway drinks for the office, on the plane, in the car or even at home, Omnilid and Omnimatcha are there at your convenience for an increasingly fast paced and busy lifestyle.

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