Shawn Bartholomae Doing Away with Broker Dealer Fees at Silver Tusk Oil, LLC.

Shawn Bartholomae, Founder and President of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC removes broker/dealer fees for investors.

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – 660 W Southlake Blvd. #200,TX,USA – Founder and President of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC., Shawn Bartholomae creates a unique landmark in the history of the company by removing the broker/dealer fees, and commissions in the company’s offerings thereby enabling investors to invest without having to pay for broker fees. According to Bartholomae, this will typically increase the offering cost by as much as 15 percent.

Shawn Bartholomae founded Silver Tusk Oil, LLC., an independent oil and gas investment company in Texas in 2009. The company is focused on various oil and gas projects ranging from single-well prospects to lease funds in rich oil and gas basins. The company has properties under lease within the Giddings Field (Austin Chalk) located in Burleson and Lee counties in Texas. Bartholomae has several years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and has created a unique opportunity for investors. The company offers direct ownership in projects that are economically efficient and feature various other benefits that are designed to attract more investors to the company.

While most oil and gas investment companies place huge burdens on their offerings which in turn decreases the possibility of maximizing success, Shawn Bartholomae has gone ahead and removed the commissions and broker fees. He believes that by setting a new standard within the oil and gas industry as to how offerings should be structured, his company is creating a more favorable and economic platform for investing partners.

Shawn Bartholomae majored in Business Management at the University of Texas, El Paso and started his career as in the telecommunication industry. Over the years, he has founded several successful businesses and is an oil and gas visionary. He is also the Founder and President of ProAk, LLC., and the Chairman of Tactically Advanced Performance Systems, LLC. Bartholomae is a devout Christian and has a keen interest in environmental issues. He is a supportive father and a committed family man.

About: Shawn Bartholomae removes commissions and broker fees for investors in Silver Tusk Oil, LLC.

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