Patent Driven Publishing Start-up Releases its First Novel

Literators Publishing, a Bangalore based Start-up, has recently released its first novel. Titled, ‘The Oath: When Medicine Clashes with Law’

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – Bangalore – Literators Publishing, a Bangalore based Start-up, has recently released its first novel. Titled, ‘The Oath: When Medicine Clashes with Law’, the novel is a medico legal thriller. It is the story of a conscientious doctor, who is arrested and put on trial for treating naxalites. The doctor is charged with murder and waging war against the state, and the public prosecutor is the best lawyer in town. The doctor's friend, an ageing lawyer, agrees to defend him, but the evidence against the accused is too strong and irrefutable.

The novel is authored by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, a well known Intellectual Property Attorney in Bangalore. In addition to his IP practice, Dr. Kalyan also teaches at premier institutes such as IIMB and National Law School, Bangalore. The Oath is Dr. Kalyan's third law thriller novel, and twelfth book overall. He has earlier published with Oxford University Press, Thomson West, Asia Law Publications, LeadStart, Manupatra, etc. Dr. Kalyan moved from traditional publishing to self publishing in 2012. His first self published work, “FUN IP: Fundamentals of Intellectual Property”, is one of the bestselling books on the subject.

Dr. Kalyan turned to independent publishing to avoid the pitfalls of traditional publishing such as transfer of copyright ownership to the publisher, unfavourable contractual terms, lack of transparency in sales reporting, unreasonable and arbitrary behaviour of publishers, etc. He tried publishing through some of the self publishing platforms, but found that many of the said problems existed in them as well. Dr. Kalyan therefore decided to start a publishing house that works with authors on favourable terms. The recently announced incentives of the Government for innovative Start-ups encouraged him to launch Literators Publishing immediately.

Literators Publishing publishes books on just, fair and reasonable terms for authors. Favourable contractual terms, transparent reporting, efficient rights management, well defined royalty rate, and innovative distribution systems are some tenets of its publishing model. Powered by patented technology, competitive pricing and innovative platforms, Literators Publishing aims at making book writing and publishing a lucrative option for authors. In addition to standard modes of distribution through physical and electronic means, Literators Publishing opens doors to adaptation into cinematographic works, character licensing and merchandizing, interactive content publishing, etc.

Dr. Kalyan's Literators Publishing has been founded on two core patents. Both patents are based on inventions of the founder and his friends. The patents relate to entertainment management system, which includes book management system, and a unique book distribution and exchange technology. The patents have been filed in India and USA.

Talking about Literators Publishing, Dr. Kalyan said, "At Literators Publishing, authors are the Kings. They will retain their copyright ownership, will be free to set the book price, decide how and where to take the book, and review book distribution/sales any time they wish. Unlike standard publishing models, authors will hold all rights and will give a royalty to the publishing house based on performance of the book. Simply put, authors will give royalty to the publisher, and not the other way round as in traditional publishing."

The Oath is the first publication of Literators Publishing. The book is being published under a two year publication license. It is available in both physical and eBook formats. Literators Publishing will publish books in all genres, and will not be limited to any particular genre. The next book in its pipeline is a biography, and the publishing house is considering an academic work on law.

Speaking about his third law thriller, The Oath, Dr. Kalyan said, "Unlike my earlier legal thrillers, which were based on themes around patents and copyrights, my areas of expertise, this novel is a criminal law thriller. It explores the conflict between the medical oath and legal provisions. It has entertainment, excitement and education."

Dr. Kalyan is currently working on his third book in the IP law thriller series. That work revolves around the theme of traditional knowledge, especially medicinal knowledge. The medical research he had done to write The Oath, he believes, will help him to write portions of his next work as well.