ShopMate got its “yoga juices” flowing on International Yoga Day

ShopMate consolidates all orders, bargains with sellers and passes on group discounts to its customers.

Online PR News – 24-June-2016 – 22 Jun 2016 Gurgaon – Tuesday, June 21st a.k.a International Yoga Day had the whole world getting in shape to celebrate this day. How could the start-up arena be left untouched by this yogic wave? ShopMate, a Gurgaon based O2O startup, also jumped on the bandwagon. The team hit the yoga mats sharp at 9 am. Mr. Pawan Singh, who happens to be a ShopMate employee, wore the hat of the yoga instructor for the day. It is not a common scene when you see an employee instructing the CEO herself. Yes! CEO Sambhavi Sinha also joined the yoga session.

When asked about her views on Yoga Day, CEO Sambhavi Sinha quoted, “The only constant in life is change- is the popular saying. However, I disagree with that quote. Yes, external situations are always changing; people change, jobs change, even our minds change from one moment to the next. But our internal situation can (and should) always remain the same, and not just that, we have the ability to create our inner environment the way we want it. Who we are should be determined by us, not any outside influences and that is what Yoga does.”

Starting with Surya Namaskar then proceeding towards practices like laughter therapy, Kapaal Bhaati, Anulom Vilom and other breathing techniques, the yoga morning ended at 10:45 pm with powerful meditation of Isha Kriya. These activities were a piece of cake for some people, whereas other could be seen entangled with their own body parts.

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ShopMate is a Gurgaon based O2O startup. It is a hybrid platform, which fuses the benefits of both offline shopping as well as online shopping. Buyers can log on to and book their favourite mobile phones, tablets, bikes, scooters and computers (laptops/desktops) online. They can touch and inspect their product physically. Not only that, ShopMate consolidates all orders, bargains with sellers and passes on group discounts to its customers. Customers can buy the product from their local vendor by visiting them personally as well as enjoy the group discount availed online.

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