Political Activist Travels on Nine Nation Tour to Recapture the America Dream

Asheville NC Activist and Blogger Bill Jamieson, journeys from Japan to Africa to London to Renew American Vision

Online PR News – 15-October-2010 – – ASHEVILLE NC: Bill Jamieson’s career has included powerful positions in business, government, religion and education. But once he settled into the small yet eclectic city of Asheville in 1995, he devoted himself to sacred and social advocacy.

Still, he traveled the country in various leadership roles, as he served as a member of six corporate boards (four privately-held and two public companies), on the special committee of a public company board, and in an advisory capacity to three nationwide public companies.

But in his travels, especially during 2008 presidential election, he felt that Americans were lost and confused…
As he says in his essay, Prologue: Recapturing the American Dream...

Jamieson wrote, "There were times that I thought about giving up and retiring to a quiet corner of the world. Then it dawned on me that I was approaching this in the wrong way. What was needed was not belligerent opposition, but a new vision. We needed to renew the American dream."

So in an effort to renew that vision, that dream of "a more perfect Union", Bill decided to embark on a 2 month tour of nine nations, asking the different people there a simple question, "How do they see the American Dream?"

Jamieson says in the "Point of Departure" on his blog, "On this journey I hope to see my nation’s promise and problems more clearly through the eyes of people from other nations, thoughtful people who care deeply about the future of the world, but who are detached from the vitriol and distortions of America’s 2010 politics...

"...I want to hear what people think are the most important issues facing the world, and their opinions about how the USA should respond to those issues..."

"...I want to hear their hopes and dreams for their families, their homeland and the world. And I will do this by asking them, and by carefully listening to their responses… listening without passing their words through the filter of my western mindset."

Join in these conversations with Bill as he interviews thought leaders from around the world in order to capture their thoughts and feelings rather than “just the facts”.

While Bill may not available for several days via email, please feel free to leave comments on his blog at http://peoplesvisionusa.com.

Bill Jamieson’s career has included leadership positions in business, government, religion and education. He currently serves as president of the Micah Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.

Bill was ordained a deacon in the Episcopal Church in 1989, and his ministry has centered on advocacy for low-income families and children.

Bill started his blog on activism and politics during the heated Obama presidential campaign.

For more information on this project, contact Chancer Reese at 828.216.0766 or e-mail staff@ncwebdiva.com or visit http://peoplesvisionusa.com/


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