Buhler Thailand launches coffee roaster

Buhler launches coffee roaster with good functions, reinforcing the image of the world’s leader in agricultural products processing machine engineering.

Online PR News – 22-June-2016 – Thailand – Buhler (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launches coffee roaster with sorting-grinding functions, reinforcing the image of the world’s leader in agricultural products processing machine engineering. With the strength of indirect-heating coffee roaster accurately manufactured under a software control, this machine is environment-friendly following European standards exactly.Mr.Mark Ledsan, Managing Director of Buhler (Thailand) Co., Ltd., world’s leader in agricultural product processing machine manufacturer from Switzerland, revealed that from the coffee trend and business growth in Thailand, “Buhler” noticed business opportunity. Now, we are ready to present a new technology to strengthen Thai entrepreneurs’ potential by launching a well-known brand sorter, SORTEX - RoastMasterTM20, RoastMaster™60 and InfinityRoast™ coffee roasters, - GrindDefine™ SCCA coffee bean grinder targeted at small – medium – large entrepreneurs in Thailand.With the strength in modern design with high flexibility, these machines can increase the coffee quality. Coffee beans will be thoroughly and consistently roasted from the skin to the core of each bean by Indirect-heating. This system is controlled by automatic PLC which is easy to use and able to record work data, temperature trend, safety condition, and cost-saving. “RoastMasterTM20” “RoastMaster™60” and “InfinityRoast™ hold another strength in eliminating smoke and smell in accordance with European standards. This is a proof of the manufacturer’s consideration about the environment by launching environment-friendly products. “Buhler is the first manufacturer that starts using state-of-the-art technology such as Hotair / PLC control / HMI normally used with large-sized roasters in 7-20 kilogram roaster called “RoastMasterTM20”. This can increase the quality and meet the demand of leading coffee-roasting entrepreneurs. It is also cost-saving in terms of time and energy. Recently, RoastMasterTM20 was presented in THAIFEX-World of food Asia 2016 and received attention from many entrepreneurs” said Mark. However, “Buhler” is still determined to develop engineering technology and innovation in processing agricultural products to help strengthen the potential of Thai entrepreneurs and to reinforce the role of world leading manufacture. For more information about “Buhler” products, please call 02-712-2600-1 or visit http://www.buhlergroup.comAbout BĂĽhlerEvery day, billions of people come into contact with BĂĽhler technologies, to cover their basic needs for food and mobility. With our industrial process technologies and solutions, we contribute significantly to feeding the world’s population, setting a focus on food security and safety as well as reducing carbon emissions of cars and buildings. In 2015, its roughly 10,800 employees in more than 140 countries generated a turnover of CHF 2.4 billion. Theglobal Swiss family-owned company BĂĽhler is particularly committed to sustainability.