Le Tooth Dentists Brisbane Announce New Wisdom Teeth Inspection Service

The “Le tooth” dental practice of Brisbane, QLD, have announced a new ‘Wisdom Teeth Consultancy’ service.

Online PR News – 22-June-2016 – west end qld – Brisbane, QLD – Director and Principal Dentist, Dr Hieu Le, commented further on the announcement.

“We know that it is extremely commonplace for people to experience ‘problems’ with their wisdom teeth.

These teeth usually start to come through in the latter teenage years through into the 20s, though in some cases they may start to arrive earlier or later than that.

Although there continues to be debate about the ancient evolutionary processes involved, it’s clear that today, for many people, their wisdom teeth are a problem. That’s usually connected to the jaw lacking sufficient space for the teeth or that they start to come through at an angle that is impossible for the jaw and other teeth to accommodate.

Wisdom tooth pain is a very common experience. However, we also know that many put up with it in the mistaken belief that extraction is highly painful, complex and/or very expensive. Some also seem to consider that this is just one of those things that one has to put up with in life.

None of those perceptions are, in fact, accurate

Modern wisdom teeth removalis, in the vast majority of cases, a painless, quick and relatively simple procedure. It’s rare for someone to need more extensive surgical intervention.

As a result of this, we are offering a new ‘quick check’ service that will allow us to spot rapidly whether or not a patient’s wisdom teeth are likely to be a problem in future or just how bad a problem they already are. We can then outline a range of treatment options.

All this is without any form of intervention and will equip people with options that may help them to a pain-free life as far as their wisdom teeth are concerned.

I or anyone in our team would welcome further enquiries on the subject”.

Interested parties are invited to contact the Le tooth Dental Practice through the details below.

About the Le tooth Dental Practice

Operating in Brisbane, Qld, the Le tooth Dental Practice has many years’ experience of providing a range of dental services to the community.

They are led by Senior Dentist Dr Hieu Le and Associate Dentist Dr Amy Liu.

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