FreshDepil LLC Manufactured Hair Removal Cream For European Market

FreshDepil LLC manufactured hair removal cream, enriched mainly with herbal ingredients.

Online PR News – 21-June-2016 – 20. 06. 2016 Baltimore, Maryland – Most of the people have unwanted hair, which is usually on legs, arms, fingers and toes, underarms, chin, upper lip, even back. There are many causes including genetics, higher levels of certain hormones, certain medications, etc.Several methods for hair removal are known - waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, laser and photo-epilation. Different people prefer different hair removal techniques. Laser and photo epilation are probably the best way to get rid of unwanted hair forever. Disadvantage is its high price and not everyone can afford it. Hot waxing is also a good hair removal method with comparatively long-lasting effect, but it also has one disadvantage - it is usually painful. So the two most frequently applied, cheapest and painless methods remain shaving and depilatory creams. Probably shaving is worse of these two, because hair grows faster and becomes coarse. So the last several years tendency is increasing the use of depilatory creams.As a response to increased demand of these products, FreshDepil LLC (american-based beauty related company) decided to manufacture a hair removal cream, enriched mainly with herbal ingredients.The active ingredients in FreshDepil cream are argan oil, lavender oil and glycerin. The cream works in two directions - the structure of the hair gets thinner and hair growth is slowing down.First units of the FreshDepil are now being transported to Europe, so it will be spread online within one - two weeks.