New Stock Photography Library Bucks The Trend and Pays Photographers Fair & Reasonable Prices

GlobalEye Stock is a new photographer-friendly stock library supplying quality images to discerning buyers at prices both parties can live with.

Online PR News – 21-June-2016 – Cairns Qld – GlobalEye Stock is a new face for one of the web's oldest stock photography libraries. Established in 1998, OzImages was one of the very first stock libraries to operate entirely online. It caused quite a stir at the time with it's photographers co-op approach, back when the entire industry was being bought out or closed down by a few major corporations. Until then a stock library had always viewed the photographers it represented as partners and equals, but with the corporate takeover of stock, that all changed. Small agencies disappeared, household brands vanished and many photographers simply walked away from the industry.

For the professional photo buyers who need to source quality images for high-end publications or client, this high-volume low-margin approach to stock photography creates a whole new set of problems. In particular, many professional photographers won't shoot or supply images for the low prices being offered, so the libraries turn to amateurs instead. Their photo buyers are then forced to wade through thousands of low quality images to try and find something suitable.

GlobalEye Stock is a leading stock photography library that's bucking the trend with absolutely no interest in discount pricing. Instead they give discerning photo users direct access to top photographers and their images, providing they're prepared to pay fair and reasonable prices to use the images. CEO and Founder Matt Brading explains, "It's simple really, if photo users want continued access to new and original professional images, the photographers need to be paid a fee that makes it worth their while to create new work".

It's an explanation that resonates with a growing number of photographers these days, who are fed up with earning a couple of dollars a sale while the stock libraries make record profits. Inequality aside, Brading thinks the mainstream approach is just lazy:

"The entire stock photography industry seems to operate on the assumption that photo buyers are only concerned with finding the lowest possible price, so they've been locked in this mindless race to the bottom for well over a decade now," Brading continues, "but our experience is that there's a significant segment of the market that has very different priorities... namely quality, content, style and service... so our photographers are happy to opt out of the price war and market a better product to those prepared to pay for it."

The launch of the new GlobalEye Stock website and brand, is an investment in the future of this quality first approach, providing a major upgrade of the services to both photo buyers and contributing photographers. The new web platform offers a number of innovative new features and functions, all built around the original premise of putting photo buyers and photographers in direct contact, creative-to-creative, for mutual benefit and convenience.