Health Checker improved security &performance of the hardware &software system in a connectednetwork

TatvaSoft, a leading Software Development Company based in New Jersey, USA has helped one of its Italy based clients with a System Health Checker solution.

Online PR News – 20-June-2016 – Iselin, New Jersey – The system was developed using the Microsoft Technology that provides the broad assessment of the software and hardware malfunctioning which are connected in an IT network. This has helped the client in identifying the potential errors in the system and rectify them before they actually evoke.

The system examined the running efficiency of the software and hardware is a network at the peak time. It helped the user in assessing the system and identify the areas that need improvement. The ultimate goal is to optimize the systems connected in the network which will help to achieve the company objectives. A complete analysis of the system (Software, Hardware, and Network) is done by the deployment of the 60 plug-ins in every facet of the system. The result of this analysis is presented in the asset module.

The system has a Software Distribution module which distributes the system desktop version. To ensure that the system analysis does not consume much power, a Power Management module is available that helps in saving power and energy. The system also facilitates a complete tracking of their user’s request. Availability of the Health Checker System has resulted in managing and controlling the performance of the client’s system. This performance monitoring system has centralized all client-servers which resulted in detecting any possible anomalies.

A complete control is given to the system to detect the presence of any service and start/stop it as and when required. The client has got a complete inventory system to identify the number of hardware and software installed in the premises. The system performs 60 items check at a regular periodic interval and generate a report to display the status of each.

With this expert system, the user can remotely control and manage machines. A central interface performs multiple operations like processes interruption, real time checks, services restart and system reboot. Also, user can set the power saving parameters for their workstations where they can turn off the power when not required. The client got the facility to recognize the challenges that can emerge with their system. They can now diagnose the issue in more detail and optimize the system performance. With the periodic check using the System Health Checker, now the complete system can perform a high level of the task.