Hollywood Recognizes The NEW Bruce Jenner on IMDB

Former Kardashian Bodyguard Legally Changes Name To Bruce Jenner

Online PR News – 20-June-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles, CA (June 20, 2016) – When Caitlyn Marie Jenner decided to legally change her name from that of Bruce Jenner, the Kardashian’s former Security Specialist decided to restore the name. While he used to be a bodyguard for the family while on set of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, he is now proudly carrying the Jenner name. That’s right - on February 25, 2016, the Palm Beach County Florida Judicial Court System granted Mark Behar a legal name change to Bruce Jenner.

If you remember, it was back in 2009 that the NEW Bruce Jenner (then Mark Behar) entered into boxing match with the former Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) on an episode during Season 4 of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Hollywood is even recognizing the NEW Bruce Jenner! In fact, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), which is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content, is recognizing Jenner by updating Mark Behar’s IMDB page and accumulated credits to reflect his new legal name. The whole name change has sparked some great interest as the NEW Bruce Jenner, formerly Mark Behar, is ranked within the top 10-12,000 of nearly 8-10 million celebrities and actors and is considered a “C-D Lister” among today’s celebrity media circles. You can see this for yourself on his IMDB page at the following link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3975368

When asked if he had heard from Caitlyn or if any of her people have reached out to him about his name change, he said that it wouldn’t matter either way. That he is the new rightful owner of the name and he sees this ability to legally carry the Bruce Jenner name as an honor. “She obviously didn’t value her name and what it stood for in our country as an Olympic Athlete to keep the name, so I took it upon myself to restore the name and keep it alive” he said.

“I have spent nearly two decades protecting A-List celebrities, the Kardashian Klan and Jenners included. Bruce Jenner was an American icon for so many years and I couldn’t sit by and let his name get thrown to the curb, so I petitioned for legal ownership and usage of the name Bruce Jenner and was awarded it” says the NEW Bruce.

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About Bruce Jenner (Mark Behar):
The "NOW & NEW" Bruce Jenner was Born: Mark Behar- in Brooklyn-New York, and was raised in New Jersey, where he was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. Mark (Bruce) is an Actor, Producer, a Security Expert & Personal Protection Specialist, as well as a Personal Bodyguard to the Music & Movie A-List Elite, as well as to/for "Reality TV Show" Cast Member's. He has previously worked Backstage, Ringside, Personal, and Special VIP Security, for several Professional Wrestling Groups (WWF/WWE, ECW & TNA), also for several Awards & Reality Shows, as well as for several well known, and "High-Profile A-list Entertainers & Celebrities". throughout the Music & Movie Industry, such as Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Eminem, (The Late) Whitney Houston, (The Late) Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Dustin Hoffman, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, "The Osbournes", "The Hogans", and Ben Stiller, just to name a few.