Educate Yourself on the Proper Disposal of Syringes and Needles
06/20/2016 is the only online syringe and needle supply system that receives the Comodo seal of approval for safety and security practices.

Online PR News – 20-June-2016 – Baytown – Each time patients or medical professionals use syringes and needles, those items need to go directly into a sharps disposal container. By using a sharps container or other heavy-duty plastic container to properly dispose of syringes and needles, there is a low chance for anyone to accidentally stick themselves or someone else with a used needle.

When a sharps container becomes three-quarters of the way full, it passes on to a designated facility for disposal. There are several options available to help with this task. The first available option is a local health department or household hazardous waste collection location. Some communities offer a drop box location throughout local areas that often include hospitals, pharmacies, physician offices or other medical treatment centers.

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