ORCA Coffee Club Delivering Inexpensive Italian Espresso and Coffee Straight to Your Door

ORCA Coffee Club is your daily caffeine fix made simple: delicious and inexpensive coffee and a free ORCA coffee machine to boot.

Online PR News – 18-June-2016 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. – ORCA Coffee is proud to announce the debut of its ORCA Coffee Club. The service, founded by Italian CEO Giancarlo Fantappié, brings coffee from the heart of Tuscany to the homes of subscribers for just 65 cents a cup, or $19.50 per month for 30 pods of their choosing. ORCA Coffee comes in three exclusive flavors: Espresso Roma, Espresso Firenze and Medium Roast. The service also includes a free black and white ORCA coffee machine, which lifestyle blogger Rachel Mansfield described as “the most gorgeous kitchen appliance I have seen.” The sleek, compact but powerful ORCA dispenses fresh coffee at the touch of a button and is extremely user-friendly.

The average adult makes about 35,000 conscious decisions each day. Why not let ORCA make your morning one simple? Wake up to a friendly little coffee machine that greets you each day with just three choices that capture the essence of Italian coffee: Espresso Roma, Espresso Firenze and Medium Roast. Perfetto! No more waiting in line for 30 minutes so you can choose watered-down coffee beverages that have more words in their names than candies your Nonna has in her purse. And that guilt you feel for spending $4.50 on an 8-ounce cup each day? Gone. ORCA coffee is less than a dollar per pod.

ORCA founder and CEO Giancarlo Fantappié found a need for his product soon after moving to the United States. “I was amazed at how much a cup of espresso could cost at a coffee shop,” he said, “and most of the ones I tried didn’t have that strong, smooth flavor I was used to in Italy.” Fantappié was shocked at how much money consumers paid for just the coffee machine. “At ORCA,” he said, “we believe that only fools buy coffee machines. Why would you want to buy the cow if all you want is the milk?” ORCA Coffee fulfills this mission by offering their subscribers a complimentary coffee machine and simple, delicious coffee and espresso.

Coffee lovers can subscribe to ORCA Coffee at http://orca.coffee/subscribe. Club members also have the choice of ordering the ORCA Milk Frother, Chocolate Syrup, and small/large Double Wall Glass Sets to enhance their espresso experience. ORCA Coffee: simple, inexpensive, and, most importantly, delicious.