Siborg Systems Inc. Now Offer LCR-Reader Professional Task Kit

New bundle includes a pre-calibrated LCR-Reader, NIST traceable calibration certificate, spare straight tips, extra battery, charger and paper manuals

Online PR News – 18-June-2016 – Waterloo, Ontario – New in the LCR-Reader Store: the LCR-Reader Professional Task Kit! Siborg Systems Inc.’s LCR-Reader Store has recently been redesigned for a more comfortable e-commerce experience. With the launch of the store, Siborg began offering task kits, pre-bundled devices with accessories that are offered for a discount compared to buying each part separately. Siborg has recently added the LCR-Reader Professional task kit to the store; this kit will be on sale until the end of June for $218.88 USD.

The LCR-Reader Professional task kit includes an LCR-Reader, an NIST traceable calibration certificate specific to that device, spare straight tips, an extra battery, wall charger, paper manual and quickstart guide.

LCR-Reader is a more affordable model of Smart Tweezers LCR and ESR-meters. The lightweight device is the combination of a set of gold-plated tweezers and a LCR-meter in an easy to use device. When the tweezer probes are pinching a component, LCR-Reader will automatically determine the type of component as an Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor and chooses the best test frequency before measuring with a 0.5% basic accuracy. All of the test results are instantly displayed on the device’s OLED display including any secondary values, the component type and test parameters used. LCR-Reader’s efficiency and lightweight make it an indispensable tool for testing and troubleshooting surface mount technology.

Over the past year, Siborg worked with the Institute of Automation and Electrometry at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Russia in creating a new calibration fixture that would accommodate all Smart Tweezers models including the LCR-Reader. Previous calibration fixtures were unable to measure the full range of components that newer devices are able to measure. The fixture uses 14 known components in which are cycled through when an LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers device is connected. As the components are measured, the device will display the measurement results; these results are recorded and compared to the actual values of the components and the device’s accuracy is either rejected or accepted.

Siborg sent the fixture to Navair Technologies in Toronto, Ontario, to be verified; with this verification they were able to start creating traceable calibration certificates for LCR-Reader. This was previously an issue for professionals that were interested in LCR-Reader’s low price and high basic accuracy, but required calibration annually.

The LCR-Reader Professional kit is now available in the LCR-Reader Store for an introductory price of $218.88 USD until the end of June 2016; comparable kits in the store are around $270 USD. The LCR-Reader Store also offers replacement parts for Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader as well as accessories and other devices such as the SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers that allow multimeter users to use tweezer probes instead of wire leads, and the Smart LED Test Tweezers that can test LEDs, switches, fuses and other components.

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