Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Recommends Use of the asTech™ Device on All Collision Repairs

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) issued guidelines to collision repair associations and major auto insurers stating that all of their vehicles must be scanned.

Online PR News – 18-June-2016 – Plano, Texas – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA US LLC) announced new repair guidelines that emphasize the importance of scanning vehicles before and after collision repairs to ensure the functionality of built in safety features. In the position statement, FCA clarifies that even vehicles involved in minor collisions, where the airbag is not deployed, must be scanned. Stored fault codes must be checked before repair work is started on anti-lock brakes, supplemental restraint systems (SRS - air bags), seat belts, active head restraints, forward facing cameras and other automated electronic driver assistance systems. According to the FCA position statement, just disconnecting the battery on a vehicle requires a follow-up scanning; a required step that can be performed with the asTech™ device.

FCA stressed the importance of using a device such as the patented asTech™ device that uses OEM information to get accurate scan results.FCA recommends the use of the asTech™ remote scan tool, manufactured by Collision Diagnostic Services (CDS), to ensure all of the airbags and other life saving devices in the vehicle are properly reset before the vehicle leaves the repair shop. In addition, the position statement warns that vehicles with multistage airbags “MUST be checked to determine that all squibs were used during the deployment” and that failure to scan these vehicles prior to disassembly with a device such as the asTech™ remote scan tool can expose repair professionals to dangerous “live pyrotechnic or hazardous materials.”

The asTech™ device provides coverage for nearly all makes and models of vehicles 2008 and newer. In addition to launching a new mobile app, CDS has also added new features to the asTech2™ device that include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. These features make it even easier for the repair professional to request scans from the asTech™ master technicians in order to get the OEM information needed to perform complete repairs on every vehicle.

“The auto manufacturers are starting to realize what we have known all along, that the asTech™ device is a vital component in delivering accurate and complete collision repairs.” said Doug Kelly, CEO of Collision Diagnostic Services.

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Collision Diagnostic Services, (CDS), founded in 2010, is the leading provider of remote diagnostic solutions and services to the collision industry. CDS provides cutting-edge, expert diagnostics using OEM tools to provide safe and accurate repairs. CDS provides remote diagnostics using its patented asTech™ device combined with ASE-Certified Master Technicians, who are trained to be virtual diagnosticians. CDS Master Technicians can service the vast majority of trouble codes remotely and provide real-time remote assistance to shop technicians on an as needed basis. For more information visit