iScoot™ announces availabilty of new colors for their 49cc model

The iScoot™ is one of the select few scooters in existence to be powered by a space-aged ultra quiet 49cc motor engineered by world-renowned Linhai-YAHAMA group.

Online PR News – 16-October-2010 – – Every iScoot™ is encrusted using an airless paint application that gives your scooter a brilliant 'expression' that will turn heads for years to come! Choose from six new colors Blue, Grey, Yellow, White, Black and Red.

Unparalleled Quality. Powered by Linhai-Yamaha! Ride It Anywhere. No special license required. Ride It Immediately. No insurance necessary. Plenty of Power. iScoot cruises up to 40mph.

Save A Fortune on Gas. iScoot gets 80 MPG. Whether you are looking for your first taste of two wheel freedom or inexpensive commuter transportation, the Linhai Yamaha iScoot™ will move you in style while being gentle on your pocket book. Riding at up to 40 mph, gas motor scooters are the most popular gas commuter scooters. They are extremely popular with college students because they are a hip way to get from class to class, but they can still fold them down to store them at their desk during class.

Everybody's doing it!

Busy professionals, college students, retirees and yes, even Hollywood celebrities have all embraced the scooter lifestyle. The Jonas Brothers ride scooters. Julia Robers, Kelly Ripa, Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mickey Rourke all ride scooters. Even 'Tony Soprano' James Gandolfini recently discovered the thrill… freedom... and adventures only a scooter can bring!

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