Belzona Recognised for Offshore Renewable Innovations

Belzona were recognised in the Best Offshore Renewables Innovation Category at the recent UK EIC Awards 2016, entering their surface-tolerant epoxy solutions.

Online PR News – 16-June-2016 – Harrogate, UK – Without question, renewable energies represent the future landscape of energy resourcing, something which Belzona recognises through its effort to maintain and protect global renewable assets. In fact, at the recent UK Energy Innovation Awards 2016, Belzona was acknowledged as finalists for the Best Offshore Renewables Innovation category, with its range of surface-tolerant polymeric repair composites and coatings

Featuring on a shortlist of pioneering technologies designed to help shape our future energy, Belzona’s entry comprised of surface-tolerant epoxy solutions, including Belzona 1212, engineered specifically for in-situ application to wet, oil-contaminated and underwater surfaces. Due to the environment, offshore maintenance can prove very difficult, particularly the incessant barrage of wind and salt water damaging offshore structures. Therefore, identifying the need for repair materials which can be applied onto predominantly wet substrates and with minimal surface preparation, Belzona is able to deliver a solution for offshore structures maintenance which ensures rapid return to service.

Seeking innovations with the greatest potential to reduce the delivery costs of offshore energy, Belzona’s surface-tolerant materials were among a range of innovations with the collective potential to benefit customers, increase efficiency and improve health and safety. Backed by energy leaders from across the UK’s gas, electricity and offshore renewables sectors, the awards signified a platform to identify new technologies which can improve the delivery of wind, wave and tidal energy. Belzona has significant experience working alongside offshore wind energy, most notably including the repair of several offshore wind turbines.

A UK wind farm was faced with major problems in some of their 27 offshore turbines. Each turbine has between one and three hangoff flanges, most of which are not gas tight. Changes in tide lead to dangerous gases seeping from the seabed and into the chambers. A temporary sealant had been applied but could not effectively seal the leaks and a permanent solution was required. Therefore, the site manager had to bear in mind restricted access affecting surface preparation as well as high humidity, eliminating the potential use of polyurethanes. After careful consideration, they settled on the use of a Belzona surface-tolerant leak sealing system.

Belzona’s Application Technician, who travelled offshore to complete the job, described the repair process: “First we removed the temporary sealant, wire brushed and degreased the surface. We then packed the joints, cap bolts and nuts with a Belzona composite, also covering the edges to fully encapsulate the flange. Two coats of the coating grade material were applied onto flange tops and bottoms to ensure lasting protection and to eliminate any risk of leaks.”

After more than two years in service, the repair is performing well with no reported leaks or damage to the flanges. The use of a surface-tolerant composite and coating ensured that the repair could be carried out quickly, regardless of surface moisture and contamination, as these materials bond exceptionally well to oily or greasy surfaces and even underwater.