Advertising Anew: WAV Media Continues to Expand Its Point-of-Purchase Advertising Network

WAV Media gives brands a more effective advertising channel with a wider market reach, to communicate to their consumers, right at the point-of-purchase.

Online PR News – 16-June-2016 – Manila, Philippines – WAV Media Network continues to add to its list of partner establishments to serve as advertising venues to offer to companies. Brands can advertise their products at high-traffic venues which see anywhere from around 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 generated foot traffic daily, to be made known to an entirely new audience. These partner establishments include major malls, supermarkets, public markets, gyms, salons, health care centres, pharmaceutical companies, and convenience stores nationwide.

In 2014, Mercury Drug Corporation – the country’s largest pharmaceutical provider – partnered with WAV Media to produce Mercury Drug Radio. To date, it is the largest point-of-purchase radio in the country. Several different brands have gotten on board, airing their timed and targeted brand messages to a captured audience with an average of 32 million customers. According to a press release, Mercury Drug has an average daily foot traffic of 1.2 million visitors, across 950 stores nationwide.

This large number of potential customers is but one example of the massive reach that WAV Media provides. Due to the way social media marketing and moment marketing have drastically changed consumer behaviour and purchase decision, WAV Media helps brands to rise above the clutter and stay on top of consumers’ mind at the most crucial purchase moments.

To complement this lucrative opportunity, the service also provides cutting-edge technologies to keep up with the demands of the ever-growing market. WAV Media’s audio infrastructure uses that of WAV Atmospheric Branding’s customized in-store radio – the AudioWAV Music System (AWMS) 11, which is the latest all-in-one tamper-proof amplified music and messaging technology created by the company. Through the AWMS 11 AIO, the music programs and radio advertisement spots are all centrally managed and updated online in real time, so that ad campaigns can be implemented at the exact moment brands need them.

WAV Media aims to continue adding more high-traffic venues to its network, providing more businesses with more opportunities for brand trial and conversion, and to ultimately reach out to its target consumers and potential buyers right when they’re ready to buy.

The WAV Media Network is one of the core businesses of audioWAV Media Inc. The company is the country’s first and leading provider of comprehensive atmospheric branding services, offering in-store radio, digital media signage, and scent marketing solutions for small and large brick-and-mortar stores. It also provides hardware solutions, as well as mobile marketing solutions for brands. WAV is set to expand its media network further to the Southeast Asian region in the coming years. Visit to learn more.