Darren Higham to Star in The Upcoming Film 'Hector and Himself'

UK actor Darren Higham has been tapped to take on the role of Ian Banks in the upcoming film "Hector and Himself."

Online PR News – 14-June-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – UK actor Darren Higham, who has become known internationally for his riveting portrayals of JR in “Desperados” and Police Constable in the award winning BBC series “Dalziel and Pascoe,” has been tapped to take on the starring role of Ian Banks in the upcoming film “Hector and Himself.”

Directed by Russell Owen (“Welcome to the Majority,” “Norm”), who was awarded at the Accolade Competition for his work on the film “Anglesey Road,” the upcoming film follows Hector, a 25 year-old man whose mother has kept him locked up inside their house for his entire life. However, realizing that she is nearing death, Hector’s mother decides to let him out, but what comes next may prove that Hector was better off in doors.

Dalziel and Pascoe

Higham will star alongside actor Sean Biggerstaff from the films “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” and the series “The Lost Book” who has been cast in the role of Hector Green.

One of the first people Hector meets on the outside, Higham’s character Ian, a crucial piece in the story, at first appears to be a relatively simple man worthy of trust. However, as “Hector and Himself” brings to life a story where the characters are far more layered than they initially appear, as the story progresses Ian’s inner demons can’t help but come out.

About his character, Higham explains, “It's a really challenging role for an actor, the character is multi-faceted (borderline schizophrenic in fact) and you have to be able to make the audience believe in all these different sides to him. Sometimes, the different parts need to be played out almost at the same time, as he struggles with the different sides of his character... it's a classic thriller but it's quirky. It reminds me a little bit of a Hitchcock film of which I'm a massive fan so that really appealed to me.”

Aesthetically Higham is able to believably inhabit dark and sinister characters as easily he does the unassuming and innocent, and this, compounded with his emotional range and capacity for portraying multilayered roles, will be an undoubtable asset in the upcoming film.

Writer and director Russell Owen says, "I am thrilled to have Darren on board, his character is critical to the story and it’s a demanding role. I knew as soon as Darren auditioned that he was the one – he was electric, and he totally gets the character. He is a true performer, he has a real unique style and I'm very much looking forward to working with him."

The film is slated to begin filming at the end of 2016. Higham describes the film as “a quirky thriller with really dark undertones.”

Higham, who has proven his adept talents for portraying a diverse range of characters, played the Medical Droid in the sci-fi thriller “Somnus” directed by Chris Reading, which Reading co-wrote with Russell Owen, the director behind the upcoming film “Hector and Himself.”

Inspired by the work of Douglas Trumbull, “Somnus” follows a commercial space vessel that is forced to change course after a ship malfunction, but when they are diverted to the asteroid colony Somnus they discover the colony’s inhabitants have dangerous plans for the future of mankind.

In “Somnus,” Higham acts alongside Mac McDonald (“Batman,” “The Fifth Element”), Tom Bonington (“Duct Tape,” “Malady”) and Jennifer Moylan-Taylor (“Guardians of the Galaxy”). The film screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where Epic Pictures Group, which acquired the worldwide sales and distribution rights to the film, placed it up for sale. Epic Pictures (“11-11-11,” “Tales of Halloween”) has announced that they will release the film in the US by the end of the year.

It’s been a busy year for Higham to say the least, the actor also recently wrapped production on the upcoming films “The Quiet House” and “Modern Life is Rubbish.”

In the futuristic film “The Quiet House,” which is slated to begin making its rounds on the film festival circuit this summer, Higham plays a reclusive government worker who lives alone with his cat, the only problem is that in this dystopian society, owning a pet is illegal.

“His initial focus is on keeping his cat safe but then he finds himself in a much darker situation, there's a bit of a twist to the story that I don't think people will expect,” explains Higham. “He's a bit darker in the sense that you never really know where you are with him. I've played tough guys before but they've tended to be bad in a more obvious way. This guy is really chilling, you don't really know where his loyalties lie.”

As for the upcoming feature “Modern Life is Rubbish” from director Daniel Gill, Higham, who plays a leading role as Solomon, once again takes on a character that is starkly different from any of those that he’s portrayed in the past. A romantic comedy heavily driven by music, “Modern Life is Rubbish” follows Natalie, played by Freya Mavor (“Skins,” “The Jews”) and Liam, played by Josh Whitehouse (“Northern Soul,” “Living on the Edge”), a couple in the throws of a break-up who struggle to separate the prized record collection they’ve amassed together over the course of their relationship. In the film Higham’s character Solomon, a guitarist in a band, which was predicted to achieve international fame, but instead has been relegated to playing local pub gigs, serves as a warning for Liam about what his future might hold without Natalie.

With such an array of intriguing performances already under his belt, and “Hector and Himself” slated to begin filming soon, we are eager to see what’s next for actor Darren Higham.