Third Planet Decaf opens as North America's first independent decaf-only retailer

Tennessee entrepreneur hopes to brighten the decaf coffee landscape and bring decaf drinkers together.

Online PR News – 15-June-2016 – Antioch, TN – Third Planet Decaf, a recent retail startup based in Antioch, Tennessee, has become the first independent company in North America to specialize in decaffeinated coffee. It is preceded in the decaf-only niche only by New York's corporately owned Swiss Water Coffee Studio, which opened last year, and Decadent Decaf, an independent startup based in West Sussex, UK.

"The demand for good decaf coffee has been increasing steadily for over a decade," says company founder Ric Morris. "I think the word is out that good decaf exists, but people still aren't sure where to get it."

Morris, who is caffeine intolerant, says that the idea for Third Planet Decaf grew from his love of coffee and his own ongoing quest for the perfect cup.

According to Morris, brick-and-mortar cafés have missed the boat on decaf coffee sales, with few offering good options because they think decaf drinkers are too small a demographic to take seriously. "In reality, decaf drinkers are everywhere," Morris says. "But most of them know better than to buy something with a name like 'decaf blend,' so they've taken their business online."

Morris states that most people can't taste the difference between decaf and regular coffee but adds, "Decaf has to be made from good beans that have been responsibly decaffeinated, and they have to be very well roasted. Those factors are key, and that's the coffee we aim to sell."

Third Planet Decaf's product lineup includes single-origin coffees such as Kenya AA, Hawai'ian Kona, and Jamaican Blue Mountain; flavored coffees like Tahitian vanilla and tiramisu; and classic roasts like espresso. Most Third Planet coffees are roasted to order.

Morris points out that Third Planet Decaf's coffees are decaffeinated using environment-friendly non-chemical methods that selectively remove 98% or more of the caffeine, without harming the coffee's unique flavors.

At present, Third Planet Decaf sells only online.

Morris welcomes product suggestions and wants buyers to submit product reviews.

"Let's help each other out," he says.