GPS Tracking Devices Offer Added Safety for Teen Drivers and Summer Vacation

TrackingTheWorld recommends WorldTracker OBD and EnduroPro GPS tracking devices for teen driving safety and family vacations.

Online PR News – 14-June-2016 – Burlingame, CA – At the height of vacation season, and as teens begin to enjoy the freedom of summer break, TrackingTheWorld is reminding parents of the safety benefits of installing GPS tracking devices in family vehicles. “Real time vehicle trackers provide an added layer of safety and additional peace of mind for parents and families,” said Henry Maramis, CEO of TrackingTheWorld, a firm that has exclusively specialized in professional-grade GPS tracking devices and software for more than 13-years.

Simply contact us and we’ll help you find the best option for your needs

For monitoring teen driving safety and family vehicles, TrackingTheWorld recommends two options, including the WorldTracker OBD tracker or the EnduroPro 3G tracking device. The WorldTracker OBD is designed to quickly plug into the OBD port of any vehicle for fast installation and easy setup, while the EnduroPro 3G tracker provides another easy-to-use option, which may be placed inside a vehicle or handbag, or worn on the person.

With TrackingTheWorld’s software service and an Internet connection, parents and family members can see the location of the tracking device at any time. In addition to monitoring location, TrackingTheWorld’s tracking software allows users to set virtual boundaries known as geo-fences. When the tracker leaves a predetermined area set by the user, the GPS tracking software will send automated alerts to designated email addresses or cell phone numbers. Users may also track speed, route of travel and harsh driving patterns.

TrackingTheWorld offers a full selection of GPS tracking devices in addition to the WorldTracker OBD and EnduroPro 3G, which are ideal for personal safety, asset tracking, and vehicle tracking, including covert applications and fleet tracking. “Simply contact us, and we’ll help you find the best option for your needs,” said Marais.

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