The Singularity is Coming. The Artificial Intelligence Explosion. (Second Edition) By Tony Thorne

English speculative fiction writer, 89 years young, Tony Thorne MBE confirms his break into the Chinese (General Science Books) Market.

Online PR News – 15-June-2016 – Beijing, China – His contract with the Information Technology (IT Books) Division of the Chinese Ministry of Information covers (Simplified Chinese language) Paperback and eBook versions of his latest title, THE SINGULARITY IS COMING - The Artificial Intelligence explosion, with both being published this month.


Artificial Intelligence or AI is now changing our way of life dramatically, with the Smart Devices we use today. Even more amazing developments are on the way, leading first to AGI, Artifiicial General Intelligence and eventually to ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence, the Singularity, an event that cannot be reversed. Many experts believe this will begin to happen in less than ten years, leading to intelligent robotic machines able to do any jobs that humans can do, but faster, better and for longer. That means unemployment figures will reach about 70% or even higher.

Many experts believe that AGI machines will be a new high IQ life-form, with awareness, and the ability to replicate themselves and even further develop their "learning" software. This certainty will lead inevitably to machines with ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) far superior in intelligence to us. The runaway consequences of this awesome development, the Singularity, will change our way of life completely. Will it be a devastating threat to humanity as some block-buster movies predict, and several international experts are warning? Others claim it will benefit us in ways we can hardly imagine, like a healthy extended Golden Age of Leisure with everything free.

This easy to read book for general readers, explains what is about to occur and why. It has sections describing the latest developments and includes a comprehensive further reading list. It also features many "For and Against" comments and arguments by various international specialists, scientists and engineers. Readers can decide for themselves who will be proved right.

Chinese Publisher contact: Jacky Chen
Posts and Telecommunications Press, IT Books Division
Room 412, No.11 ChengShouSi Road, Fengtai District, Beijing
100164 PR China
Tel: 8610-81055369

Copies of the first paperback print run, in Simplified Chinese, retail at the equivalent price of $6.20 (US dollars) while the eBooks retail at about half this. The English language versions are similarly priced.

Current English versions: ty+thorne

Author: Tony Thorne MBE