Amanda Holley--Perfect-Pitch, Five-Octave Range Popstar--Releases New Single

Audiences will be awed, inspired, and impressed by Ms. Holley's incredible gift of song.

Online PR News – 15-June-2016 – New York, New York – Amanda Holley, the ultimate new millennial pop princess, readies herself to burst onto music industry’s front stage this summer with the June release of her Tommy Boy Entertainment debut single, “Feenin.” This highly anticipated single will awe listeners, not only for its universally relatable lyrical content, but also for the soulful voice of the artist who performs it. Indeed, it is not surprising that this 21-year old artist would one day seize the industry spotlight. Flaunting a range of an impressive five-octaves and possessing the uniquely rare ability of perfect-pitch, it seems almost long-destined that Ms. Holley would eventually rock the music world back on its heels.

Amanda grew up in Newark New Jersey, surrounded by a family populated with successful musicians who engrained in this to-be pop star her own “Feenin” and talent for music—“I sang before I could speak,” are the words Amanda so often uses when reflecting upon her earliest childhood memories. Enduring an extremely rough upbringing, music became Amanda’s escape from an environment frequently fraught with turmoil. By age two, not only was Amanda already capable of playing both the piano and violin, but she also possessed the remarkably precocious ability to create songs and tunes on the spot. By age nine, her emotionally expressive, powerful gift of song was reducing entire audiences to tears, and by high school she was already assuming supporting and lead roles in numerous Broadway musicals.

Now, after nearly two decades of being mentored by some of the greats of music, this 21-year-old is primed for success. You can listen to her music here:
Amanda's Website: