The Grand Launch of Elixia Trace

The main highlights of the grand launch!

Online PR News – 14-June-2016 – Mumbai – The success of any event depends on how impressed and inspired your guests are. We would like to be modest but the team was showered with uproars and applause from the audience and the walls of Jolly gymkhana will vouch for that even now, after almost a week!

The event was attended by many existing & prospective clients, business associates, friends and family and all of them were equally eager for the launch. And who would blame them? A seemingly simple product that gives you the whereabouts of your personnel, family and luggage, power packed with dozens of features, all of it just one click away. Every product has a competitor but Elixia Trace is one product that has no match with the revolutionary features that we pack in one tiny 54g device!

It will not be an understatement if we say that we had industry’s best names with us for the splendid launch of Elixia Trace. We are grateful to our clients who dedicated their precious time from their demanding schedules exclusively for our event. It was their presence that added tremendous value to our event.

Dr. Mukund Sheth, a proud entrepreneur who has various accomplishments to his name took us on a nostalgic outing. He shared with us the tales of his several undertakings and left us amazed in true sense. Mr. Mickin Sheth followed it up with the secret ingredient of Elixia’s success, the 4 B’s – Brain, Backbone, Body (team) & Blessings. Amen!

Next up was our very own, the face of Elixia, Mr. Sanket Sheth who shared with us his journey from a passionate student to a debonair entrepreneur. He completed his Masters in Computer Science from Arizona State University. While all his counterparts chose to join well-established brands, Sanket, as always stood apart. He chose to work at ‘Ubiquia,’ a start-up where he was a one-man army handling all the jobs from A to Z. It took him all but 6 months to realize his true calling and the rest as we all know, is history!

Now the audience couldn’t hold their excitement any longer and their zest filled the room! First up we were moved by an emotional speech by Mr. Ramesh Srinivasan, the MD & CEO of Kotak Investment Banking about his and his father’s long-standing relationship with the Sheth Family and Elixia Tech. He unveiled our alpha product, the ELIXIA TRACE AND THE ELIXIA TRACE ULTRA DEVICE and the devices left the audience amazed with their abundant features.

The Head of Infrastructure & Services at Mahindra Finance, Mr. Ketan Patkar, launched the Elixia Trace GPS bag. As a part of the live demo, the bag was handed to an Elixir who then walked out of the premises. Within a couple of minutes, almost animatedly, the entire audience was staring at their phone screens. An SMS from Elixia Trace, that read, ‘Sachin from Elixia has left the checkpoint Jolly Gymkhana. He was at Jolly Gymkhana for 86 minutes.’ The audience reaction can be captured with just one word, IMPRESSED! The room was filled with deafening applause.

Next up, the National Logistics & Operations head of Mondelez India Foods Ltd. (Cadburys),
Mr. Amit Saxena wowed the audience with his talk. Talking about Mr. Sanket Sheth and Elixia Tech, he said, “They focus on providing a solution by totally understanding the customers need and often go beyond it.” He couldn’t have put it better. He launched the Fleet Management Solution & Driver’s App, as an extension to Elixia Speed, two solutions that will greatly help vehicle owners and drivers in managing their day to day activities.

Finally making a grand entry was none other than ‘Chak De India’ fame, Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi, the former goalkeeper of the Indian National Hockey team. He walked in & lit up the room, quite literally. He shared his experience of working on the film sets of ‘Chak De’ and how he was involved in the making of his life story from end-to-end. There was something he said, which we absolutely had to note down and here it is, “Every living being has a fighting spirit, only humans can realize it.” The man is truly inspiring and we were honoured to shake hands with him. He unveiled our last product for the evening, the ‘MobiTrack’ mobile app which is available on android and soon will be on iOS for tracking of smartphones.

At the end of every event, one always thinks, ‘we could have done this better’’ but we would say, there is nothing we would alter and it was one perfect and memorable event. We are of course grateful to the speakers who could dedicate their precious time to us but also we would like to thank, our customers, partners, friends, family, and all the guests, who were with us in body or in spirit, for making our event super successful!