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Here is one informative book The Changing Experience of Childhood which manifest how separation of the family affects the childhood.

Online PR News – 16-October-2010 – – Carol Smart, professor of Sociology at the University of Leeds and director of the Center for Research on Family, Kinship and childhood with senior research fellows Bren Neale and Amanda Wade explore the childhood and find out how fragmentation of the family affects it.
The Changing Experiences of Childhood in new work which outlines original research on children and family life.
Family is an important part of our life and all things what we do revolves round the family. Father, mother and their sibling all form family and shares themselves with each other. A high rate of divorce has changed the aspect of family in this modern time. Family life is affected and bringing of child as well as quality of family has now degraded and deteriorated. The author has tried to look in to the post divorce families and has accumulated new ideas and experiences of childhood. Book give you such an idea of post divorce family life from the child's perspective.

This book keeps nine chapters. Third chapter children's perspective on post divorce family life is very much informative and interesting. As it is thought that the that the most harm arises out of family fragmentation is the child of the family is true. The book explores what a child thinks and views of divorce and parenting bind the readers all the time. You will find the also how the children find themselves disturbed from parental separation.
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This book can be ordered online. Published by Paperback book contains 232 pages. From a wide array of readers it is much concerned with the family life and its future. Single parenting has its own pros and cons and this book put light on this too.