Meet Amazon Bestselling Book Author Tracey Bond at Chicago Book Signing Saturday June 18th, 2016

Stop by APS Books & More Saturday to meet Amazon Bestselling book author, Tracey Bond, signing copies of her brand new book, SPIRIT FED ENTREPRENEUR...

Online PR News – 14-June-2016 – Chicago/Illinois – Entrepreneurs everywhere are invited to come out to the book signing event at "Giving My Tears A Break" hosted by CAPS Christian Authors Promoting Success from 2:00pm to 5:00pm central time at Ford City Mall's APS Books & More store at 7601 S. Cicero in Chicago, Illinois 60652 (across from the Footlocker retail store).

AUTHOR QUOTE: Tracey Bond says "Come on out Saturday and let me share some of my seed "SPIRIT FED ENTREPRENEUR: Growing Your Business with a FEARLESS mindset" once you get this in your reader digestion I believe frustrated and weary Christ believing entrepreneurs will be able to add ‪‎tearless to this book title, thereafter." ‪

Bond will be reading, sharing, and signing copies SPIRIT FED ENTREPRENEUR, a fearless mindset manual that could help some weary and teary entrepreneurs wipe their tears of ‪‎business fears, intimidation and frustration away with an in-person hug along with other event authors.

About The Event:

CAPS "Giving My Tears A Break" book signing at APS Books & More (Ford City Mall Chicago, IL) is a FREE Author meet & greet event featuring author & singer entertainment and additional vendors there to encourage and enlighten or hug guests in need of one! Save the date and bring a friend! Gently used books will be collected to donate to the Chicago Women's prisons as charity. Ways to publish stories will be discussed for aspiring authors as well.

What 's The Book About? Living, Listening, Trusting, Acting, Eliminating and Moving Forward! Living life to your FULL potential! Listening to your Spirit and Taking Action! Trusting that God brought you this far for a REASON. Acting on the insight given to you! Eliminating self-doubt. Moving Forward with a positive mindset.

Who should read this book? Christ believing Entrepreneurs: Especially entrepreneurs held back by fear: God doesn't want you to live in fear. 365 times in the Bible it talks about overcoming fear, this is no coincident. This book will inspire you to get up and MOVE and take action…eliminating unhealthy fear!

Entrepreneurs being led to incorporate God into their business: Many of us would like to incorporate God into our businesses, but we are afraid to take the leap of Faith because we're afraid it would hurt our businesses. In reality this is not true. We are here for a reason! When you incorporate God into your business, you will attract like-minded individuals and God will use you for His Glory!

What Reviewers Are Saying…

"In 'You Are What You Feat!' Tracey Bond's "Glowing Forward" attitude is contagious. When we feed out souls the nutrition it craves, great things are accomplished!" - Claire Billingsley

"Tracey takes us on a journey of an entrepreneur from the seed of a God-given vision to the adversities to staying in tune with God." -Sandi Mitchell

"Through powerful analogies, in 'You are What you Feat!,' Tracey Bond shares with us that the source of our entrepreneurial vision is born of the God and led by the Holy Spirit in what she terms the Divine Entrepreneurial Model." - Becky Lynn Smith

About the Author

Tracey is an emergent double Press agent/PR solopreneur, who serves extraordinary clientele with award-winning talents & multi-industry skills at her Beverly Hills launched Prolific Personage PR operative and mediaphilic ™ prodcast ™ show "SPEAK! @intothePODlight" on BlogTalkRadio. Bond entertains her fond description as an online media industry's 'Olivia (PR)ope of PR hope…and scope!'

Daily Tracey can be found sweet-spotting the spotlight online to offline for her clients by introducing, sourcing, sporting and courting their personage & perceptions with her niche for digital brand journalistic selections.

As a VIP journalist, Bond's Top 10 U.S. Press Agency's VIP news & social intelligence news beat is globally distributed to thousands of intentional readers and trends-to-spotlight the sensible events and interests of: VIP, Celebrities, Lifestyle & Society, Social Business Event News, Celebrities, Entertainment and Online Media centric to social good. Moving forward via this double press agency/pr platform, Bond continues to build an elite clientele base upon her personable media brand showcase of high-profile digital brand journalism, speaking and publicity all which carry an authentic & distinctive trifecta of marketable excellence.

As an author however: Bond is purposed to continue publishing nonfiction books, niche industry teaching tools and other multimedia assets toward humanitarian interests such as: "Kingdom Of God Gold Digger: Mining The Golden Treasury Of A Rich Inheritance Found Only In God Volume One" and "Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing School Imparting New Values of Fame, Frame & Fortune As VIP Social NetWORTHing ™ Public Relations Tools"

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