Pellikaan Timing introduces the balanced anchor

Less friction, greater accuracy of the movement

Online PR News – 14-June-2016 – Utrecht/the Netherlands – By swinging the balance wheel, the anchor of a mechanical movement is responsible for the hands showing the right time. To do this in an optimal way it’s extremely important that the centre of gravity of the anchor is in exactly the same spot as it’s rotation axis. Pellikaan Timing has developed and produced a balanced anchor, used for the first time in the Diving Dutchman-1, in which the center of gravity is exactly in the middle. As a result, the friction in the suspension of the anchor is very low.
The balanced anchor of Pellikaan Timing is new and patentable. This is because of the exact form of the counterbalance. In the 19th century there have been efforts to balance the anchor but with much longer counterbalances, a method that didn’t work. The version of Pellikaan has a short counterbalance and the increase in mass inertia is very small (0.6%). The gain in amplitude is 8 degrees in all positions, so the equation profit versus loss is very positive. Because of this difference in design the Pellikaan anchor is patentable so that it can be used uniquely by Pellikaan Timing. On April 22 2015 the patent was applied for, the file number is NL 1041281.

Baselworld 2016

During Baselworld 2016 a substantial number of conversations took place about the balanced Pellikaan anchor both with watch brands and with manufacturers of watch movements. The invention was taken seriously and looked at with above average interest. Since then an NDA has been formulated, making it possible to have further negotiations about the use of the Pellikaan anchor.