Bruce Jenner Speaks Out About Odom’s Plan To Clear His Name

Exclusive Insight into the Kardashian & Odom Divorce

Online PR News – 14-June-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – MEDIA CONTACT:

As the Kardashian and Odom saga continues, the plot thickens as new revelations arise from a good friend of Odom who has been by his side through all of the couple’s ups and downs, including being at the hospital with Lamar after his recent near death experience. His friend, formerly named Mark Behar, had his name legally changed back in February of 2016 to “Bruce Jenner” in order to keep the iconic name alive. The new Bruce has a long history with the Kardashian Klan as he used to work as a bodyguard for the family while on set for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In light of recent speculations that Khloe is looking into getting a restraining order against Lamar, he has made it very clear to his friend Bruce, who was at the time Mark Behar, that he’s not going to continue taking this drama and that he needs everyone by his side now more than ever. “She ain’t gonna get away with this-this time around, and it ain’t gonna be on that show”, Lamar told him.

According to the new Bruce, Lamar is apparently ready to expose Khloe and the whole family’s true side along with all of their secrets, which is why he wanted to make sure that he had gathered all of his friends and family to his side to be his supporters.

While speculations arise that Lamar is not in a clear state of mind at this time, his good friend said that while “Lamar is no saint with all of this and he does have his own personal issues, these issues in no way come close to or compare to what Khloe and her Momager Kris have done to him. He’s still going through his recovery and trying to work out things in his life.”

Ironically enough, the new Bruce is actually friends with Dennis Hof, who is the Owner and Proprietor of the Love Ranch in Nevada where Lamar had his near death experience. He has suggested to Lamar that as part of his recovery process, it might be a good idea to meet with Hof and Richard Hunter, who is the employee at the Love Ranch would found Lamar unconscious, and helped keep him alive, until emergency personnel arrived on the scene, and to thank everyone who had his back during the ordeal, in order to be able to move forward from the scary situation.

As tensions rise with the whole Lamar and Khloe debacle, the new Bruce says that there is one thing to be sure of, “Lamar knows too many secrets involving Khloe and the entire Kardashian Klan to just let them continue to try and bring him down.”

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About Bruce Jenner (Mark Behar):
The "NOW & NEW" Bruce Jenner was Born: Mark Behar- in Brooklyn-New York, and was raised in New Jersey, where he was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. Mark (Bruce) is an Actor, Producer, a Security Expert & Personal Protection Specialist, as well as a Personal Bodyguard to the Music & Movie A-List Elite, as well as to/for "Reality TV Show" Cast Member's. He has previously worked Backstage, Ringside, Personal, and Special VIP Security, for several Professional Wrestling Groups (WWF/WWE, ECW & TNA), also for several Awards & Reality Shows, as well as for several well known, and "High-Profile A-list Entertainers & Celebrities". throughout the Music & Movie Industry, such as Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Eminem, (The Late) Whitney Houston, (The Late) Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Dustin Hoffman, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, "The Osbournes", "The Hogans", and Ben Stiller, just to name a few.