Best Tyres Retailer Online in UK 2016 Claims

Savingontyres is tyre retailer that not only sells new tyres at cheap prices but also part worn tyres of best quality online in Leicester

Online PR News – 11-June-2016 – Leicester – Savingontyres has been in the market for around a few years now and already they are gaining interest of their new customers because of their prices and quality services. Their prices are the cheapest on the top brand tyres in all over UK. Just been in the market for such a short time and beating other top sellers in prices is very impressive. Savingontyres is located in Leicester, UK but their services are not limited only in Leicester, they sell tyres all over UK via their website and ebay. They have been awarded best seller on ebay. And an amazing 99.8% of positive reviews on ebay, means 99.8% of satisfied customers.

Through a wide range of brands from premium, mid-range to budget brands, can provide you a range of tyres from different brands to different prices in sizes of your choice and you can choose what suits you better according to your needs but there is a lot to more to choosing tyres than we think. People don’t pay attention to the facts like summer tyres are not safest in winter and winter tyres are not most fuel efficient in summers as they can maintain excessive grip which also causes more noise and tread wears off sooner than expected. That’s why we recommend that you talk to out experts that will guide you to buy safe, durable, comfortable and fuel efficient tyres that are also easy on your pocket no matter if you are buying premium or budget tyres.

But sometimes new tyres are just not what you want, sometime people won’t be keeping their vehicle for long enough or they might want to sell it sooner so spending money on new tyres does not seem to be a good idea, there for we have another option in tyres that is part worn tyres which are a lot more cheaper than new tyres and mostly they are from premium brands like continental, Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli etc. and even being used tyres they have at-least 7.0 to 8.0 mm of tread left on them which can do the job for you and you don’t need to buy new tyres in a situation like that. Our part worn tyres go through a double inspection before we put them on sale, so that they are good quality and value for money.

Times like these when VAT and petrol prices going up, you need to consider all the options, and sometimes cheap does not mean bad value for money. And it’s not just tyres our other car services are cheap as well. From MOT, AC repairs and services, oil change, fluid top ups, under body inspections, filter replacements, diagnostic check, battery checks, lights and levels check and repairs etc. You can have any of these services from us at prices that a significantly cheaper than other but that does not mean, you will not receive professional services from a professional team. We have a group of professional, trained and experienced mechanics, who not only are dedicated to fix problems in your vehicle to keep it in a tip-top condition but safe as well while driving. We take all type of pre-cautions while working on your vehicle to maintain our safety and yours, and keeping you vehicle intact from any damages.