Woman Gets Creative with her Midlife Crisis in Fifty Days to 50

Fifty Days to 50: A Mini-Memoir of my Midlife Crisis by Andrea Dean is a pictorial memoir that documents the joys and concerns of women in midlife.

Online PR News – 13-June-2016 – Mill Valley, California – "Fifty Days to 50: A Mini-Memoir of my midlife crisis" by Andrea Dean is a pictorial memoir that documents the joys and concerns of women in midlife. Using powerful personal images and short essays, Dean documents the themes that were occurring in her life as she approached her 50th Birthday. The book has fifty mini-chapters each comprised of a photo and an essay, representing fifty days to Dean's fiftieth birthday.

The book gives equal treatment to feminine power and vulnerability, in chapters entitled: "I Need to Reboot" "I'm Tired of Being Superwoman" "Love and Money" "Move Over Boys" "I Need to Learn Self-Love" and "Time to Take a Leap."

While the subject of each day is different, the story arc of the book takes us on the journey of a woman who starts out feeling trapped in her career, relationship, home and aging body, and who ends up recreating her life for greater fulfillment. Women of all ages who are approaching midlife or are in transition will learn from Dean's story the importance of exploring dissatisfaction, tuning into joy, learning to love yourself, trusting creative intuition and knowing when it’s time to take a leap into the unknown.

I Need to Reboot

The "Fifty Days to 50" images were originally created using Canva, an online design app, and were then posted on Facebook. The story emerged organically over fifty days on social media and the resulting book, while slicker, retains the modern look and feeling of social media posts.

"I started "Fifty Days to 50" as daily posts on Facebook. I was hoping to publicly purge my midlife crisis so I could start fifty with a clean slate, but the project turned out to be so much more," says Andrea Dean. "My Facebook friends loved the posts and encouraged me to turn it into a book. Fifty Days to 50 connected me with my inner self and my creativity, and helped me to re-imagine my new path forward."

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Book Description: Andrea Dean couldn't get with the "easy-breezy" attitude some of her friends had about turning 50. She was barely keeping her head above water, trying not to drown as she approached this midlife milestone. In her inspirational memoir "Fifty Days to 50: A Mini-Memoir of My Midlife Crisis," Dean documents her inner exploration—and how she learned to cross the fifty mark with pride and confidence. Dean celebrates the fifty days leading up to her 50th birthday in a series of selfie-style images coupled with bits of her story. Each day, she looked inside herself and created an image to fit the mood. She covers themes like needing to reboot, being tired of being Superwoman, counting her blessings, and connecting with her feminine power. Dean's collection is as much about celebrating the power of being a woman as it is about emerging from a midlife crisis. She pays homage to motherhood, female independence, body issues, and other joys and concerns shared by women. It's fun and easy to read—and packed full of powerful photographs that speak directly to the heart. If you're a woman turning 50 or going through other transitions in life, let "Fifty Days to 50" help guide you through.

Book facts:Title: Fifty Days to 50: A Mini-Memoir of My Midlife Crisis
Publisher: Swan Stories
Available: Amazon.com/author/andreadean
Print: ISBN-13: 978-0692665480, $14.99, 114 pages, 8.5 x 8.5 full color, softcover
Kindle: $4.99
Publication Date: April 20, 2016

About the Author: Andrea Dean is the founder of Sustainable Initiatives, a company that spearheads community projects including eat and buy local campaigns, agricultural tourism, and expanded access to locally grown foods for low-income populations. Dean, expressing her dedication to the spiritual journey, views storytelling as a way to understand herself better. She wrote "Fifty Days to 50" to connect with her feelings as she approached her 50th birthday. Her upcoming memoir chronicles the tragicomic struggles of a New York girl trying to live a spiritual and sustainable life in Hawaii for twenty-five years. Andrea Dean currently splits her time between an off-the-grid farm in Hawaii and a fully electrified condo in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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