DtiCorp.com Is Introducing The New Honeywell RP7517A1009 Electronic Pneumatic Transducer

DtiCorp.com is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Honeywell RP7517A1009 Electronic Pneumatic Transducer.

Online PR News – 11-June-2016 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Popular online HVAC retailer DtiCorp.com is introducing the brand new Honeywell RP7517A1009 Electronic Pneumatic Transducer. The RP7517A, B Electronic-Pneumatic Transducers are used in electronic-pneumatic control systems to convert a proportional electric output signal from a controller into a direct-acting, proportional pneumatic signal. The RP7517A is powered by the control signal. It is available with a cover or without a cover for panel mounting (the panel model has a higher pressure output than the cover model and is approximately equal to the RP7517B in branchline buildup). The RP7517B (used with Excel) has an internal amplifier and requires a lower current control signal. It is available with a cover or without a cover for panel mounting.


- Screw mounting or snap rail (models with cover).
- Factory calibrated.
- Dual barb fittings.
- High accuracy.
- Input signal: electrical input 2..10 Vdc
- Output signal: pressure output 20..100 kPa, proportional to input signal
- Pressure connection: for 4 or 6 mm PE hose
- Wiring connection: with 1 meter cable
- Mounting: DIN rail
- Air capacity 720 Nl/h.
- Max. pressure: 200kPa
- Media temp.: 5...55C


- An E/P Transducer accepts a proportional voltage signal from an electronic controller and converts it into a proportional pneumatic signal of 0.2 to 1.0 bar to operate pneumatic actuators or reset pneumatic controllers. The RP7517A accepts a 2...10 Vdc / 4...20 mA signal directly from a MicroniK 100 output. The RP7517B includes a voltage-to-current converter for use with an Excel DDC output and Delta CPA. It may also be used in applications where more than one transducer must be connected to one MicroniK 100 output. The RP7517B requires an external 24 Vac power supply.


- The basic operation is similar for both E/P-Transducers: The input signal 2...10 V is fed directly to a coil on the RP7517A or into a voltage to current converter in the RP7517B. The current through the coil produces a magnetic force on the flapper. This force is balanced by the feedback force developed by the nozzles pressure on the opposite side of the flapper. When the magnetic force on the flapper changes due to a change in current, the position of the flapper over the nozzle changes, and a new pressure is established. This pressure is used to pilot the pneumatic amplifier, which converts the low capacity pilot pressure to a high capacity branch line. The operation span is fixed and the start-point of the output signal is factory calibrated. Both transducers are compensated to eliminate ambient temperature influence. The transducers are protected by a rigid plastic cover.

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