z Best Kratom is Looking for Content Publishers, Kratom Affiliate Programs, & Samples to Review

z Best Kratom needs for publishers to write for the website, the best affiliate programs in the industry, and wholesale & brands to sample products & review.

Online PR News – 04-June-2016 – Houston, Texas – zBestKratom.com was founded in 2013 by alternative medicine and herbal supplement enthusiast Whitney Segura, with the goal of giving accurate, unbiased, high quality, and honest information, news & media coverage, scientific data & research study findings, how-to guides & tutorials, shopping advice, customer product reviews, kratom brand reviews, manufacturer reviews, vendor reviews, kratom types & strains reviews, and a very large spectrum of other topics.

Upping zBestKratom.com Marketing & Advertising Campaigns:
January, 2016, Whitney decided bring the business to an entirely new level and began revamping the entire website, publishing more frequently, expanding audiences, and strategically partnering with kratom wholesalers, retailers, content sites, enthusiasts, consumers, and others looking to help the cause.

As part of the recent success the campaign has brought since January, it has brought in a brand new owner and full partner of zBestKratom.com, Mr. Gerald Weber.Gerald Weber the 3rd is a professional entrepreneur who specializes in internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, guest blogging, web design, and web development. Gerald has been a full time online marketer since 2003, where Whitney has been a full time online entrepreneur and marketer since 2009. Between the two partners, they have over 21+ years as professionals in the industry, and over 30+ years as an amateur status.

With the new addition of Gerald to the company, big changes and things are happening right now. Which is why we are searching for premium kratom based copywriters, publishers, website owners, and any industry affiliation in which would be mutually beneficial, to both parties.

Best Kratom Affiliate Program Search:
One of the latest developments and additions to the website, is our brand new kratom resources web directory, which features only the best companies from all areas within the industry. As part of the new resources directory, we have built a page dedicated to displaying the best rated kratom affiliate programs, with information on commission percentages & tier levels, referral cookie duration limits, policies, terms & conditions, best selling products & offers, and other information, in which kratom affiliate marketers would be searching for, to find the absolute best affiliate program.

Companies are encouraged and welcome to submit their affiliate programs for review, however, it is not guaranteed that the program will be listed. There is a reason our company name is z Best Kratom, as we are only provide the absolute BEST resources & content.

Product Sample Requests for Free Consumer Reviews:
If you are a kratom manufacturer, wholesaler, or private label brand owner and wish to get your products reviewed, rated & exposed to a large and diverse audience, then listen up.

For sending a sample pack to our expert testers, we will provide your company, brand, and product lines with a premium, high quality, unbiased, honest, and truthful consumer review, built to build brand exposure, enhance brand authenticity, and gain tons of business in the process.

For companies that are skeptics, z Best Kratom is ready to offer to pay for the shipping fees. However, samples will not be paid for at wholesale or MSRP, our philosiphy is if your company is not willing to give the samples for free (and sometimes, even pay the shipping), then you're not worthy enough to become an officially reviewed brand at z Best Kratom.

Conclusion: To conclude this news release, I want to encourage all kratom lovers, enthusiasts, and any individuals involved in a kratom company or website, to get in touch with us and let us figure out a way to help one another. I give a 100% guarantee, it will be worth every second of your time.

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