Free Help Purchasing A Kitchen Island In New Kitchen Island Guide

Free information and design help for purchasing and installing a kitchen island is available at The informational guide covers many aspects of a kitchen island, including types, sizes and designs. The guide offers a wealth of free information for homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen.

Online PR News – 23-September-2009 – – If you are looking into upgrading your kitchen while adding functional counter and prep space, look to the new Kitchen Island Guide at for all the latest trends and materials available in kitchen island designs.

Kitchen islands are an easy economical way for any homeowner to bring a fresh new look to a kitchen. The kitchen island guide is designed to help homeowners decide if a kitchen island will work in their kitchen, what types and materials are available, installation and much more.

In order to get the perfect match for your kitchen; you need to know what your options are and how they work; before you talk to a kitchen design professional or go to purchase a kitchen island from a retailer.

“ A kitchen island adds so much flair to a kitchen not to mention the additional eating, preparing or entertaining space it can add. I am better able to serve a client if they have an idea of what they are after. is a great starting place to get informative ideas if you are wanting to have a kitchen island bar in your kitchen”, says Anita Parker, an interior designer from Design Elements, NC.

Deciding if your kitchen is suitable for a kitchen island is the first step in purchasing one. The Kitchen Island Guide details solutions to accommodate a variety of kitchen sizes, layouts and designs including small kitchen islands, large kitchen islands, and center kitchen islands.

The guide covers the latest materials available in kitchen island tops. You will learn the benefits and drawbacks of granite kitchen island tops and butcher block kitchen islands. From the difference in cost to the versatility of each, the Kitchen Island Guide has what you need to know to make an informed decision and purchase.

Traditional types of wood kitchen islands (like oak) are described along with the contemporary stainless steel kitchen islands.

A section of the guide is devoted to those with a kitchen that just won’t allow for a standard kitchen island. Instructions for measuring and ordering a custom kitchen island are provided for those who need something to exclusively fit in their kitchen.

For the do it yourself homeowner, there are tips on how to build kitchen islands in the guide. For the experienced and knowledgeable homeowner; this is a great money saver.

The Kitchen Island Guide website does not leave out the finishing touches either. Assistance with choosing kitchen island cabinets to install under your kitchen island, adding additional storage is a bonus the guide covers.

Without the proper matching accessories, a kitchen island can look like an afterthought. To avoid these pitfalls, strives to give you all the information you need to make your kitchen island sparkle.

The guide has information on an often overlooked accessory: the kitchen island hood. The functioning purpose of a hood can be for lighting, or ventilation for a range or cook top. Check the kitchen island guide for more features and details.

Design advice for a kitchen island’s furniture; giving you the elements to pull your new kitchen upgrade together; are included in the guide for you as well. offers a comprehensive guide to a kitchen island; it’s function and design, useful tips for choosing (or building) an island specific to your kitchen and accessories to complete the look. The guide is a free resource available anytime you visit the easy to navigate site.

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