Khilonewala’s New Website Goes LIVE!

Khilonewala, the India’s no. 1 toy library has recently launched their spanking new website for kids of age group between 1 to 12 years.

Online PR News – 22-May-2016 – Indore(MP) – They are pleased to offer a remarkable collection of innovative and unique kid’s toys that are as fun to look as they are to play with. They are the one stop destination which rents ideal set of Toys, Games, Books, CD’s, VCD’s And Outdoor Games for every special child on your list.
Khilonewala is India’s biggest toy library which is famous for plethora of toys that are designed and crafted for little engineers and young minds. They have proffered a new way to develop a child’s three dimensional thinking and instilled a new way for parents to let their kid grow and learn while he plays. They have thousands of different modernized toys assorted in their store that buyers can select and rent for few days or the time being they want.
Khilonewala’s spanking new and extremely attractive website is especially designed to promote fun and creativity. The colorful toys and easy navigation hooked up with the website adds up to hours for the entertainment of kids. They also benefit their esteemed customers by offering them membership plans for monthly or yearly at affordable prices. And let them choose any set and combo of toys, games, books and CD’s with no bound of time and late fees.
Parents are often worried of toy break by children while renting toys, but Khilonewala’s exclusive collection of stiff and sturdy toys are hard to break and are not at all sensitive to be handled with care. They also provide parents with a handy catalogue from where they can select and compare toys according to their kid’s choice. Moreover, the company is concerned and very careful about the safety and hygiene when it comes to your child’s safety. For meeting the safety standards, they physically inspect and maintain complete hygiene process while delivering and receiving toy returns.
A good eye for good toys begins at a young age, which is why Khilonewala is pleased to offer kids with a remarkable collection of innovative, unique and fun looking Toys, Games, Books, CD’s, VCD’s And Other Outdoor Games that give them a new way to build, play and connect with the modern world. They are long hailed and appreciated as India’s largest toy renting library where you can rent different modernized toys in bulk for birthday parties, special events and for your kid’s personal grooming and development. They also provide free delivery at your doorsteps.
They are extremely thrilled about their picturesque, fun filled new website and are hoping it meets the choices and demands of kids and parents looking forward to give the best development to their child. So, let the adventure begin and create a world of play and discovery for your adorable kid. For more information feel free to visit or contact them at + 91-98935 63400 or email them at: