Her Job: Helping Others Connect With The Happy Retirement

Janette B. Carter's New e-book shares what it takes to thrive during the golden years

Online PR News – 20-May-2016 – New York, New York – Author and speaker, Janette B. Carter has released her new e-book, her publicist announced today. It is available at www.thehappyretirement.com.

For many, retirement seldom turns out to be the satisfying experience people hope it will be. A recent study found that fewer seniors are enjoying their retirement years. Only 40 percent find their retirement "moderately satisfying," and more than 10 percent of retirees report that retirement is "not at all satisfying."

Janette B. Carter says she was frustrated herself.The retired New York correctional officer said that "The first couple of months were brutal. Physically, I was recovering from an on the job injury, and mentally, I was being challenged by mountain of paper work that needed to not only be completed, but fully comprehended. It occurred to me that retirement, and specifically a happy retirement, was something that I never fully imagined," she explained.

not at all satisfying.

After speaking with and recalling previous conversations with friends and colleagues, Carter says it became clear that very few of them had mastered the happiness part of retirement. That prompted her to take her arsenal of knowledge and resources, ideas, and inspiration and create The Happy Retirement.

"By creating content that readers of all ages can get excited about, Janette is creating inspirational and informational infernos," says Fran Briggs, publicist to the author. "The idea is to have retirees empower and inspire themselves every day, and in any kind of situation. The Happy Retirement is unique because it has the reader building upon, or rediscovering their competencies. This helps equip them for their life's journey."

The Happy Retirement features creative, playflow and workflow options designed to change the way people look at retirement. Perhaps what's most interesting is that the book is catching the attention of people who are at least 30 years from retiring.

"A 30-something young lady read the book and told me, 'I read it, and I love it. My favorite parts are the thought-provoking questions, and increasing your circle size. Can't wait to apply some of not all of this great advice.'

"The Happy Retirement showcases:

*Golden Rules to Live By
*How to rediscover your happy
*How to beat the cost of living
*Creative workflows and playflows
*Can't-miss activities
*Fun ways to share and collaborate
*Recommended reading

For more information including how to order your copy of The Happy Retirement, please visit http://www.TheHappyRetirement.com>. For bookings and media opportunities, please contact Fran Briggs at FranBriggs@aol.com

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