Cooolll Smart Products Is Dedicated to Ensuring Better Watermelon Experience

Cooolll Smart Products has launched a set of clever kitchen tools

Online PR News – 21-May-2016 – Kolkata, West Bengal – Shoam (Israel) May 20, 2016- Slicing, scooping, and making decorative zigzags without making a mess is now only a few clicks or fingertips away from people. With Cooolll Smart Products, they can get better watermelon experience without spending any significant amount of money for this purpose. Cooolll Smart Products is one of the significant companies experimenting with advanced yet cheaper kitchen utensils and tools.
A completely unique set of set of Watermelon Slicer and Melon Baller has been designed for slicing, cutting and scooping watermelons and other fruits with a perfect touch of creativity and modernity. Made of 100% stainless steel, this advanced set of items is made handy, sturdy and durable. They never get rust on them. Besides, the stainless steel never includes any unhealthy substances that can bring about harmful effects on human bodies.
Watermelon Slicer
This FDA approved Watermelon Slicer includes silicone handle and rounded edges with a gap of 25 cm between them in order to ensure neater and quicker slicing. Therefore, it gives better grip to the users during the time of slicing watermelons. On the other hand, the slicer has no sharp or dangerous ends. This has made it safe and children-friendly. Besides, 25 cm length, the rounded edges and a 3 cm gap help in easy slicing in a perfect angle.
One of the key spokespersons from the Cooolll Smart Products said, “We specialize in delivering the finest kitchen utensils and supplies to meet various household needs exactly. To serve the need of better watermelon experience, this slicer has been made in an apt manner.”
Melon Baller
The Mellon baller and carving tool have no better alternatives in cutting, scooping and making decorative zigzags in a quicker, neater and smarter way. The designer has great expectation for these classic kitchen tools. He expressed his satisfaction and expectation by saying this, “It will receive an increasing attention across the globe for its handiness, usefulness and effectiveness of making perfect balls out of different types of fruits and getting decorative cut halves of melons. He further added, “It will be an essential tool for every kitchen.”
E-Book bonus
This will be made available for free to the buyers of the above items. This eBook will make people aware of the health benefits of aphrodisiac fruits and let them know about the top 10 recipes of aphrodisiac fruits drinks.
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